Oh No! They Suck Again!


(no offense to the ducks!)

Each day, the thinking soul awakens from a night of chasing sleep, and their first question is… why?

They then turn on whatever device of futility they use to see why the world didn’t implode overnight, after who knows how many billion of days and nights that have come and gone where arseholes and pyschopath’s have schemed to turn a miraculous planet into a globe of excrement, only to hear gleeful news and weather presenters, nearly in orgasm if they can broadcast news of death, destruction, sickness, and weather f**kery.

After my morning question of ‘why’ wasn’t answered by the gods of death, I made the mistake of turning on the radio to hear the latest. There, my ears were assaulted with the high pitch from hyena’s on the airwaves, sounds of exhilaration and delectation bouncing out of their throats as they were able to breathlessly tell of 2 new deaths from the coronavirus in Washington state. Joy, delight and happiness emanated from these arseholes, able to report such glad tidings, along with their clutching of pearls that more deaths must be imminent, along with forced quarantines, vaccinations, school closings, event cancellations and any and all other shitf**kery their overloads can orchestrate.

Shockingly, I didn’t hear any joy voiced for the 82,356 souls who have died from the flu thus far for the year, nor for the 1.3 million deaths due to cancer, nor for the 27,240 souls who died from hunger today. Such calamities don’t appear to register in their swollen hearts of vile, for reporting such facts won’t advance the agenda of their overlords.

And evidently, these mensa’s of the airwaves didn’t bother to do a bit of simple math:

The World Population is of the order of  7.8 billion.

The population of China is of the order of 1.4 billion.

The World population minus China is of the order of 6.4 billion.

4691 confirmed cases (coronavirus) and 67 reported deaths (outside China) out of a population of 6.4 billion does not constitute a pandemic. 4691/6,4oo,ooo,ooo =0.00000073 = 0.000073 %

64 cases in the US which has a population of approximately 330 million is not a pandemic. (Feb 28 data): 64/330,000,000 = 0.00000019 = 0.000019 % – via globalresearch.ca

The arse’s of these hyena’s can be unclutched at days end as they can look in the mirror, using industrial strength cleaners to wipe the cake of sin from their faces, admitting their mantra before settling into for a night of nightmares now, and eternal nightmares that await them:

Never buy into the fear they advance.

And another brilliant piece from Jon Rappoport: “Coronoavirus: The Contagion of Progaganda”

Tonight’s musical offering:
“Colour My World” – Chicago –  (Leonid & Friends cover)

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