Slivers of Common Sense – Or Avoiding Permanent Butt Fumble Mode

As the world continues to butt fumble (see below – a guaranteed laugh) its way toward offing itself due to a strain of non-humans that have replicated to the point where they’ve overtaken the innocents, having infiltrated every creepy crevice of government, corporate and media shitf**kery, and thus promoted to godhood status – believing in these gods’ daily discharge from any and all of their orifices is a duty the innocents, sadly, continue to carry out each and every day.

All modern day organized mayhem, both imagined and unimagined is assuming tank position.  The stock market is tanking, health of the innocents is tanking, any semblance of truth is tanking and all about that is rising is more f**kery of any and all who seek to sniff out the scent from these assholes. Sadly, most innocents have also assumed tank position and are diving in, head first, into the dark underneath.

But there are glimmers of hope…or more appropriately, slivers of common sense. Finding these slivers depends upon innocents turning off their TV, running madly from any corporate media news broadcast where they will only hear the choicest of guano, do a bit of deep and steady deep breathing exercises and listen to their quiet little voice of intuition that they’ve been trying to send to the gulag for execution for most of their lives.

Our first sliver of hope and common sense is from Dr. John Bergman…a gifted doctor (13 minutes)

And extended version from Dr. Bergman, which includes ways to use the common sense most have chosen to ignore for much of their lives, he presents ways to boost our immune systems and live healthier…we have this one… (38 minutes)

And then for those who have minds that don’t implode from hearing and considering information, well-researched information and actually stunning information – there is this to consider:

Or just f**k it all, and continue to follow the maniacs, in butt-fumble mode, which evidently, can be done in a scant 14 seconds!


Tonight’s musical offering:

“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” · Daryl Hall & John Oates

Photo by Jared Johnson on Unsplash


  1. Excellent post Decker. i just ran into this on the 60HZ damage to lung. what is this so called virus? exactly the same effects.
    it is hyped as a virus and like jon rappaport you posted. he says the same thing. they use the excuse so they can avoid the truth. Herding people like cattle into the Global Control and total enslavement.
    Thank you for your excellent posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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