The Daily Punch in the Crotch

Just like when you walk outside on the rare day when there isn’t chemtrail’s of f**kery in the morning skies, with not even a God-made cloud above, and you get hit by a lightning bolt, so too, there are hoards of human dickheads about, ready to supply the punch to the crotch to get your day started off right.

Feast your eyes upon all this ‘good news’:

via (a great site for monitoring the decline of industrial civilization)
But it doesn’t take the daily punch in the crotch from the psychopath’s of the era to tell you that life in the modern era sucks. Such revelations can be attained simply by looking at yourself or your mate in the mirror each morning, as each of you are bitch-slapped into stepping out into the f**kery of it all to ‘earn’ a living that keeps you just a notch above from experiencing total body and soul denigration.
And then, there are always the choice reminders that life is excrement and those with land-fills of money can say shit like the following…and get away with it:

Rush Limbaugh claims the ‘common cold’ coronavirus is an effort to ‘get Trump’ – via

…and Jesus not only wept, but couldn’t stop from vomiting from hearing such shyte.

Most days, the thinking innocent soul looks for transport away from the absolute madness of the cosmic entrails left for them. Sadly, the gods of shitf**kery demand sacrifice, which mostly means that you, the innocent, remain mired in this toxic dump – bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the whole thing.

Sometimes we are lucky and manage to step over or around the poop in front of us.

Such good fate arrives in too many forms that we tragically ignore each and every day:

Do We Need $2.5 BILLION for Coronavirus Vaccine? What Happened to the $2 Billion Spent on the Zika Vaccine? –  via

What the f**k is this? A bit of commonsense reaching us? Batten down the hatches, caste aside such right thinking, bury your head in the nonsense that one political party has the answers over the other political party, that government dickheads know better, that corporate conglomerates and government agencies can pave the way to the yellow brick road, and go back to the comfort of having your head firmly implanted up your arse.  Life is better that way…right?


And for a bit of either true enlightenment; a trip further into the rabbit hole that might bring about more gnashing of teeth; or just a refreshing opportunity to think of life as you might never have thought of before… here’s a site where extended and mind altering openings are provided for you to think further of, or cast aside.  Your life…your choices.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Ella Fitzgerald – “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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