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What is it called when you have a handful of presidential candidates, along with the lunatic with orange hair himself, all gathering in your city to tell their gobsmacked followers of their refined and dainty cascade of bullshit?

Why, if you listen to the smiling jackals in the media, it’s a whirlwind of important drama.

Local reporters, discharging their fecal matter onto the airwaves, telling the apathetic’s that ‘thousands’ have come to hear these charlatans ideas, relays the message that these shysters’ shyte is important, when just a casual glance at their ‘live’ reports tells you it’s just a few hundred in attendance who seemingly have nothing better to do than to listen to these psychopath’s stench of promises – this is journalism in America.

And then there is also, ‘this is security in America’.

Such was experienced first hand the other night when this hack writer attended a concert.

Arrival at the concert hall at first looked ordinary. You enter, they take your ticket, you go to your seat.  Ah, but now, you have the pleasure of being ‘airport frisked’ before entering the concert hall to see if you’re carrying.

Yes, surely, there are gray hairs packing bullets as they enter the hallowed halls of musicality, intent on creating havoc while attending a performance of Beethoven’s, “Missa Solemnis”.

I watched as a gentleman and his lady, some 20 years older than I, and I’m 64, were duly patted down. And then with added nonsense, the magical wand was produced, hovering over their hunched-over frames – all in the name ensuring our security. The look upon these poor folk was one of incredulity…and confusion. They were both in their 80’s and must have wondered what dimension of the insane they had stumbled into.

And it’s not just here in the States where shittery is done for your welfare, security and continued inducement into the current f**kery of all things living.

Other countries have their citizens’ backs advising that whatever jab in the arm of chemical f**kery they think you need, even though you may have had the chemical injection back when you were a child – well, you need it again, because once, you see, is just not enough:

The mumps cases are among the generation who were sometimes not vaccinated or were only given one dose when they were small children. But experts said there was an additional reason why mumps cases might be rising.

“The mumps component of the MMR is less effective and the protection is known to wear off,” said Dr David Elliman, consultant in community child health.

Helen Bedford, professor of child public health at UCL, said the large number of cases was of concern. “These are mainly occurring among older teens and young adults who either had no doses of MMR vaccine when they were young or only had one dose. However, we also know that the immunity from mumps vaccine can wane over time. This means you can still get mumps even if fully vaccinated; although mumps can be nasty especially in people past puberty, it is usually much milder in previously vaccinated people, so the best way to avoid mumps is to get the vaccine.” – via

The f**kery of you from them is never ending.  Even though you were told back when your little one was getting the initial poke of chemical f**kery that they’d be immune for life from whatever disease these asses produced, well now, things have changed and you need to get their updated poison injected into you whenever these Big Pharma demons tells the media it’s time to pump up the stock price, or add a few more billions into their coffers.

And guess what…the joke’s on you.  You pay for their poison,  they get richer, you get sicker and then you get to pay for their poison again…and again…and again.  It’s a win-win for them.

And don’t think it’s just the little ones who must pay…the psychopath’s have a plan for you, the adults, worldwide, for required pokes in the arm of their shitf**kery:

Or hell…just take a gander at the side effects from the MMR alone, lovingly provided by the FDA insert that is included to each who swallow the current horseshit, and then inject themselves with their poisons.

Of course, who bothers to take the time to read of the shyte they’re being injected with?


Yes, soon, the innocents will required to be poked with a cocktail of chemical shyte, that if you or I tried to sell on the street, we would be immediately imprisoned. But these f**ks are allowed, by our continued acceptance of their ways, to sicken any and all innocents lives, whether it be our own lives, or those of our loved ones.  Our apathy regarding the health of ourselves and those whom we love – is, in a word, appalling.

If you care not to sift through the governmental horseshit provided above…included is a video – providing a short cut, if you will, of the current nightmare unfolding.  Yes, it’s over an hour to view, but not to worry…there is always the choice to ignore all this and tune into the comfortableness of smiling drones on the propaganda TV airwaves, giving their two minute jive of bullshit that you can surely believe in.

Coronavirus New Facts – the Truth and Deception about Vaccinations


Tonight’s musical offering:

Pink Floyd – “Us and Them”


  1. Holy smokes! That’s total insanity. The other day I paid cash at Lowe’s and in order to give me my change, the clerk tried to insist she needed my phone number. No joke. Then I went to the post office to send a small package to Canada, a gift box for a friend who is a new mom—she wanted me to list every single item in the box, down to how many socks and onesies! I’m like, wow, did I wake up in Stalinist Russia today??

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  2. i have had clerks do that to me. i always so NO! if they insist i tell them to give me back my money and keep their product. they change really quick at that point! i have been known to lie and say 555-555-5555 prove me wrong!
    when you say no and mean it they quit asking!

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