From R….. With Love

Now that the latest government vaudeville show is over here in the States, it’s time for the shysters to get back to it and do some serious crotch punching, and the dickheads in Washington wasted no time with more of their end times insanity:

Trump Ups Nuclear Ante with ‘Mini-Nukes’ Deployed on Subs to “Deter Russia” – via

The United States has added a ‘low yield’ nuclear weapon to its submarine arsenal in a controversial first in decades, after the Trump administration called for its deployment as part of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review in order to “deter Russia”

“Deter” them from what?

The looney with orange hair doesn’t need any outside help to screw things within and without, and the Democrats ability to shoot themselves in the foot, then in the other foot, over and over and over again, is their modus operandi.

Russians did it! Democratic congresswoman finally says what Russiagaters have all been thinking about Iowa caucus fail – via

Rep. Sheila Jackson (D) called on Iowa Democrats to bring the FBI in to investigate Russian involvement in the malfunctioning of the vote-reporting app that threw the first vote of the 2020 election season into disarray. She made the comment during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI oversight on Wednesday, but shrewd observers of Democratic behavior had predicted it almost immediately after the extent of the botched caucus vote count came to light.

Certainly, the Iowa fiasco has undermined confidence in Americans’ “democratic institutions,” but it has also made clear that no foreign actor is necessary to accomplish this. Shadow Inc., the company behind the app whose failure has held up the vote count for two days as of Wednesday evening, is positively bristling with all-American conflicts of interest, including shadowy links to South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, the candidate who just happens to have come out on top, and several employees hailing from the doomed 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. Iowa Democrats have repeatedly insisted the voting issues were unrelated to any hack, but instead concerned “inconsistencies” in vote totals.

From one party to the other…a cast of clowns, non-humans and demons.

But the gods of lunacy demand sacrifice, and since the insouciant here in the U.S. have seen fit to allow the gods of lunacy to reign, the prime time shit-show that the insouciant yawn about rolls on.

During a two-hour lunch at the White House, and then later at the State of the Union speech, President Trump played up the idea of a war against Iran, presenting a conflict as all but a foregone conclusion, and suggesting it just depends “which road they choose.” – via

Tis proper f**kery, Amy.

But why is all this Russia stuff still a mystery and still an issue? After all, wasn’t this worked out years ago?



Tonight’s musical offering:

“From Russia With Love” – Matt Monro

Photo by Jaunt and Joy on Unsplash


  1. Best Russian propaganda EVER—Baryshnikov all over the screens for all the young wannabe ballerinas to swoon over. Won me over! (BTW, NEVER f**k with the Russians, they are WAY tougher than us, that’s not just a stereotype, and I learned that the hard way.)

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