If You Say It Too Loud

Now that the ‘holiday’ of spending and texting is behind us, where one’s speculations have been confirmed via simple observation, that most of the inhabitants now roaming the planet are not much more than an appendage of their hand-held radiation device; it is a comfort, in an Orwellian sort of way, that the nasty side of life, you know, exchanging ideas, conversing face to face with another human about life’s issues beyond the ordinary drivel of the day, or inquiring with genuine concern of another’s life…well, that type of mundane has been vanquished in order to pave the way for the continued f**kery of us all.

If you say anything outside the accepted lunacy on the world wide waste, you’ll have 140 characters or more of vile thrown your way from strangers, from the demented, from the soulless on social media who checked their humanity on the outskirts long ago. If you speak of anything outside the accepted lunacy directly to another human drone, you’ll get their practiced art of the rolling of the eyes, then changing the subject, with their heads once again assuming the head bent at a 45 degree angle to continue spooning with their hand held radiation device.  If you take a stand for anything sane, you’ll be escorted to the outhouse, you will be silenced, you will be vilified, you will be laughed at, and for certain, you will be ignored – and in the dipshit countries of the West, you may even be jailed.

If you say it too loud – if you say that air we breathe is filled with a toxic gas of chemical f**kery from government and corporate shitheads who spray their concoction of chemical goo in the skies above, there for all to see each day, yet who won’t acknowledge what their eyes tell them, because they have their heads buried deep into their hand held radiation devices, and refuse to see clouds that aren’t clouds, weather manipulated – the heavens weep from humans willful ignorance.

If you say it too loud – if you say that the electromagnetic goo from 3G, 4G and then the ultimate killer of you and your loved ones, 5G, is what will take us all out before our time…you’ll get looks of disbelief, if your lucky – if not, you’ll get looks of disgust that you uttered a word of truth.

But it’s not THAT bad, right?

Take a half-day trip to the local medical clinic near you. Position yourself in the lobby and simply observe the truly sick coming through the doors every hour to seek, what they’ve been led to believe, is the best of Western medicine.  Medicine that, for the most part, is a chemical concoction of Big Pharma poisons to keep you just well enough to continue to take their poisons, that you, of course, will pay for.

Since the the birth of Jesus and before, the masses have willfully chosen to learn and ingest nothing but shyte from the shysters of their era. We don’t care – we willfully choose whatever ignorance duly afforded to us each day and lay our head upon a pillow of bullshit, if we’re lucky enough to have a pillow at all, sickeningly satisfied that all is well in our tight little world.

When the electromagnetic goo being packaged and dispersed by corporate media, marketed as top-of-the-line shit that is good for us – when all this has laid waste too many of our loved ones lives – who will celebrate the lives lost of our brethren?

If there is a God, a Creator, Mother Earth or a committee of dolphins who started this insanity – they must find the Mozart of our era, and get him/her/or other…to crack on with it all, and begin composing humanity’s requiem. Its death is near.

Most people can’t even begin to shake their heads at the lunacy of the times, for their heads are so firmly implanted up their arse’s with the f**kery from dickheads who advise that a chemical vile of poisons will ward off illness and protect all from whatever these demons in charge deem we need protection from.

And yet…

Despite 100% vaccine requirement, whooping cough outbreak forces closure of Houston school – via khou.com

And then this…

Bill Gates’ Plan to Use Invisible Ink to Tattoo Vaccination Status into Children’s Skin – via healthimpactnews.com

A f**king madman.

The absolute demons in the government, medical and media fields would have us believing all this, their continued bullshit.

But then, take a deep breath and read the following…or not…

Almost Quarter BILLION Dollars Paid Out for Vaccine Injuries by U.S. Government in 2019 via healthimpactnews.com

The federal government Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just concluded their fourth and last meeting of 2019 on December 5th.

At this meeting the Division of Injury Compensation Programs (DICP) reported that through December 1, 2019, the federal government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program had paid out $‭225,457,658‬.00 for vaccine injuries and deaths for the fiscal year 2019.

But, it’s cool…we can all ignore this shittery from psychopath’s we continue to choose to follow, and go back to burying our heads in our hand held radiation devices, and all will be well for us, our health, and the health of our loved ones…for today, right?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart : Requiem in D, K. 626 (Orchestre national de France / James Gaffigan)

Typically, our musical offering of classical music pieces include just a portion of their brilliance…but this performance of Mozart’s “Requiem” is so magnificent, that we’re including the entire piece.

(And if you haven’t the patience to listen to this entire magnificence – at least try out the “Lacrimosa dies illa” at the 22:48 mark – listen to it when you are by yourself, without your hand held radiation device firmly implanted in your hand, and see if you can keep your emotional shyte together when listening to this masterpiece, where upon listening to it, you rightfully conclude that you are a human being, a magnificent creation of the gods that you’ve allowed to degenerate toward nothing more than plastic fillings of jargon, silliness and the trite of everything that follows whatever shitf**kery the pyschopaths offer each day.)

Mozart : Requiem in D, K. 626 (Orchestre national de France / James Gaffigan)

(Headphones on and volume up for total sensory enjoyment.)

Photo by Mike Taylor on Unsplash


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