Mother Nature’s Aid to Inflammation and Anxiety in the Inflamed World

Inflamed ego’s, inflamed tissue, muscles, and inflamed senses of outrage upon watching the morning grocery shopper stroll into the store with their bed-hair and PJ’s prominently displayed, not to mention the ever-present flip-flops presenting the unkept foot with it’s prehistoric road etchings gloriously exposed for all to enjoy – it’s an inflamed world we must deal with more often than not. What’s a “naturalist” to do?

There is hope. God, Mother Nature, the committee of dolphins or whomever started this game show always provides the remedies to assist and sometimes even cure, much to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical monsters, to keep inflamed muscles, tissues, along with inflamed senses of outrage calm and balanced without all the laundry list of side effects from most pharmaceutical offerings:

New Study Shows Evidence that Vitamin K2 Positively Impacts Inflammation – Dr. Mercola – via

  • A specific type of vitamin K2 (MK-7) may help prevent inflammation, according to new research
  • Vitamin K2, particularly menaquinone-7 (MK-7), has been the subject of extensive research because it stays active in your body longer enabling your body to benefit from much lower levels
  • Vitamin K2 works synergistically with a number of other nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D; one of its biological roles is to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body, such as your bones and teeth
  • MK-7 is found in high levels in the fermented soybean-based food called natto, certain cheeses such as Edam and Brie, and can also be taken in supplement form

Just imagine, you can take a supplement (vitamin) provided by Mother Earth, that won’t have you in one of those sickening Big Pharma ad’s, you know the ones – everyone pleasantly having a grand ole’ time, prolonging a life on more pharmaceutical’s that have side effects like; more cancer, liver problems, kidney problems, vomiting, migraines, diarrhea, loose bowels, cramped bowels, high blood pressure and even death from taking their junk.

Now, for the unpleasantness our brains and senses endure from viewing bed-hair, week old PJ’s, the unkept foot, along with an inflamed sense of smell from standing in line with anyone who just rolled out of bed, there is one of Mother Nature’s glories to keep one’s stress levels at a minimum:

Kava Kava…

It’s so nice, you have to repeat it twice!

For the uninitiated, Kava Kava is a relaxing, non-alcoholic beverage made from the root of the Kava plant – it’s popular in the Pacific islands.

It’s benefits are numerous, and naturally, must be keep incognito from the public, lest they choose not to dine on a host of chemical toxins, preferring a more gentle and effective remedy for the ills that we all must face living in the modern world of insanity.

Anxiety Aid

The anxiolytic effects [4] of kava root are probably the most well-known and desired by users herbal practitioners. By managing the hormonal balance in the body and easing the release of stress hormones into the bloodstream, kava root extracts and decoctions can keep your body and mind feeling calm and content, not to mention eliminating the potential dangers of having too many stress hormones in your system! – via

We here at the Asylum take Kava Kava in tincture form (which can purchased here, if interested), in a blend with Skullcap, that not only provides enough mellowness to allow us to view the most unpleasant of grocery shopping apparel, basically unfazed, but also allows for the painless yet quiet sarcastic grin when one is unwillingly introduced to what the uninitiated of decency and decorum cast aside when presenting themselves to the world each day.

And if all this doesn’t appeal to you, then there is always credo I personally subscribe to each day: With one caveat – that being to help, to love, to be kind to, to listen to, to lend assistance in whatever way I can, to those of our brethren, who are suffering.

There is nothing . Of interest. For me. Out there. On earth. At all.

And of course, the usual disclaimer, in case the gods of modern day brow-beating who drink deeply of pharmaceutical junk protest too much:


The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice of a healthcare professional. Do your own research on information provided here, and always consult a doctor or your trusted health guru if you have health concerns.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 – Movement #3 – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Photo credit (front page): Forest & Kim Starr [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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