Sky Goo

As humanity gallops toward the cliff that will bring an end to the gods grand experiment gone completely awry because they allowed psychopath’s and non-humans to get on the roller coaster with the rest of us, it is apparent that most innocents can’t see the cliff just ahead because of the gifts these psychopath’s have unleashed upon us all in the form of shyte like the following that all living things here breathe:

Just a little paragraph follows of the garbage we, the two-legged, the four-legged and all plant life ingest each day from the f**kery spewing from jet engines far above us:

Freon 11, 12, Methyl Bromide, Dichloromethane, cis-1,2-Dichloromethane,1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzene, Trichloorethylene, Tolune, Tetrachloroethene, Ethylbenezene, M,P,Xylene, Styrene,1,3,5-Trimethybenzene, 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, Acetone, Propinaldehyde, Crotonaldehyde, Isobtylaldehyde, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Benzaldehyde, Butane, Isopentane, Pentane, Hexane, Butyl Alcohol, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, n,n-Dimethyl Dioxane, Methyl Phenyl Ketone, Vinyl Acetate, Heptane, Phenol, Octane, Anthracene, Dimethylnapthalene(isomers) Flouranthene, methylnaphtalene, 2-methylnaphtalene, 1,3- Butadiene, sulfites, Nitrites, Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitrogen Trioxide, Nitric acid, sulfer dioxide, sulfuric acid,urea, ammonia, carbon monoxide, ozone, particulate matter (PM10, PM 2.5). – via,  “The Chemtrails are Killing the Trees”, with source links embedded in the article

But you can’t see this shyte.  Ah, that’s where the psychopath’s laugh at us – our apathetic unwillingness to look up from our screens of slow death and take notice of the quicker death the psychopath’s fill the skies above us with. It’s a string of toe jam in the form of white goo that spreads across the skies on most days.

When you step out each morning, and possibly look up from your hand held radiation device long enough to see the blue sky above, only to look up later and see trails of chemical f**kery blanketing the skies – you should know deep inside your bones that you’re being reamed up the arse!

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME—A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Nano-aluminum increases inflammation! It so happens that people suffering from depression are loaded with inflammatory cytokines.  Depression and cognitive decline make us paralyzed to effectively deal with the chemtrail assault on our survival. Those who are not propelled through life by an inner spark are easily controlled and manipulated by outside forces.

The more chemtrails that appear overhead, the worse the following symptoms of grievous bodily harm are: Respiratory Problems, Shortness of breath and Acute Respiratory Distress, Sinusitis, Immune System Depletion, Scratchy throat, Allergy symptoms, Hay fever out of season, Flu-like symptoms, Susceptibility to colds, General weakness, Chronic Fatigue, Brain fog and Mental and Emotional Problems, Anger/Rage/Frustration issues, Disorientation and Difficulty paying attention and concentrating, Memory loss, Anxiety, Depression, Lightheaded or faint, Dizziness, Nausea, Vertigo, Chronic Headaches, Tinnitus (distant ringing in ears or high pitched sound after spraying), Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, Skin discomfort/irritation, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Eye problems (blurred or fuzzy vision), Liver problems, Gallbladder dysfunction, Neck pain, MORGELLONS disease. – via

But really, can we bothered with such shyte? After all, there’s the impeachment stupidity, right vs. left insanity, and all sorts of theatre to keep us entertained just enough to keep our minds duly occupied, so that we might detour our stare from the insanity these shysters present to us 24/7/365 long enough so that we can’t see what these demons are doing to us each day – the slow (and not so slow) kill of us all.

We here at the Asylum keep looking for the time machine. It’s hard to make out where it might be, as we here, just as you, can’t see the f**king forest because of the trees. The chemtrails of f**kery blind all of us.

Easier to breathe deeply, and in so doing, have that warm and tingly sensation crawling up our inner thigh, assuring us that our health, and those of those whom we say we love, will all be in the trash bin of  f**kery together, laying in hospital or hospice beds, with the gods asking us, what the f**k we’re you thinking of…

Are there means to combat the f**kery from the poisons these demons let loose upon us? Yes, but that means that you must first give a f**k for your health, and those of your loved ones, and take a painstaking 10 minutes or so away from your hand-held radiation devices, and read of the ways that God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus has provided to detox from the shyte from these f**kers.

If interested, check out this link, and scroll down to the segment of “self protection”.

Or don’t, and hope there is some vehicle to fly you to the moon where ambivalence is the “virtue” the gods most admire.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Fly Me To The Moon” –  Beegie Adair Trio

Photo credit: “Chemtrails” by Andrea Ursini Casalena is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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