The Theatre of Distraction Rolls On

As the latest theatre of distraction is about to begin here in the States, with impeachment hearings of the guy with orange hair about to go public, those who have seen through the two-party system here in the States as nothing more than deciding whether you prefer orange Skittles to blue Skittles falling from the skies – they know deep in their bones that all this current f**kery offered to us, is nothing more than the modern era of chicanery.

Right Amy?

Yes…tis proper f**kery.

Americans love to be distracted into a stupor.  How else to explain that you can tell them; provide evidence, facts, spread sheets of detail of how they are being reamed up the arse each day by the glad tidings of 5G, vaccination f**kery and chemical compounds of poison from the pharmaceutical industry, and yet they will yawn, or snooze, drool – fart their way back to their comfortable state of apathy. American apathy is a thing not accounted from the beginning by God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this shit-show.

You can say to another American, “look…there behind you, is a bucket of shit that you’re about to step into”.  And they will, with gleeful intent, step into said bucket of shit.

You can show an American, with proof, that their government and media lies to them, 24/7/365 – and once again they will, with gleeful intent, step into the bucket of shit, happy to have their foot in a container of excrement, rather than to even slightly awaken to the jive from the government and media.

The gods surely must weep, finally coming to terms that those creations whom they love with a pure and infinite love, could give a f**k about anything good, of anything of the gifts of herbs, of plants, or of love – of the creations of the heavenly’s.

It’s like a Satanic mind-meld, where Beelzebub extends his bony fingers upon the foreheads of innocents, with the incantation: you will not give a flying f**k about it all, and the apathetic obey.

“The subtle and deadly change of heart that might occur in you would be involved with the realization that a civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that people be wicked but only that they be spineless.”― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

But Americans are okay with spineless.  Just take the slightest of a gander of the absolute bullshit we put up with each and every day from the a-holes we allow to rule us – it confirms the spineless.

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.” ― Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary

Each age, it seems, waits for the gods to come and destroy the current era, and all era’s that follow; as they are incapable of coming to terms with the simplicity and beauty of love that was borne into each and every one of us, and what the gods asked of us to embrace, but which we have continually ignored.

Easier to throw up one’s arms and give way, sacrificing our lives to the demons of the era.

…and Jesus wept


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Wishing You Were Here ” – Chicago (Leonid & Friends ft. Ksenona – cover)

– for all of us, and those remembering a time either past or present, wishing of one from our long ago, or of the here and now – wishing they were here… we offer the following gem:

(Headphones on and volume cranked for pure joy experienced from these Russian purveyors of beauty)

Photo by Lucien Kolly on Unsplash


  1. Nothing can withstand Light/Truth and so little by little darkness/lies get exposed and bit by bit more and more people will express their resistance from the insane people who are governing the dark plans for humanity.
    It´s like the drop which is drilling a hole in the stone, littlle by little, drop by drop or like the dandelion which grows its way through the asphalt.
    Freedom or the purpose to be free from the repression of dictatorship is an enormous power that can´t be stopped and there will be more and more individuals waking up and throwing wrenches into the machinery of a suppressive government but since we know too much of what is going on, we expect more freedom faster than they who are still asleep but Freedom is coming and no one can withstand Truth.

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