No Need to Bother…Unless…

Just like attempting to play a complex Bach fugue when you haven’t had one piano, organ or harpsichord lesson, so too it is nearly impossible to understand why God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this shindig haven’t had the big pow-wow in the heavens, finally deciding to send out heavenly entities to permanently extract the vermin that has infected the planet.


“Anal Sex 101,” “Oral Sex 101” and “fatphobia” workshop are among 13 different offerings students at Harvard University have the option of attending as part of its annual Sex Week.

Harvard Sex Week launched Nov. 4 and runs through Nov. 10.

The workshops are organized by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard. Its members did not respond to repeated requests for comment. A Harvard spokesperson also declined comment. – via

We know what this is…

It’s proper f**kery, Amy.

But wasn’t all this sex shyte learned long ago, as taught in pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools to the innocents?  Good to ream it up the arse even more, so that young people know, with certainty, that much of the value of their lives  (as seen by these miscreants) depends on what particular appendage or orifice they share with another.

Much of being human means that we recognize the dignity of another human and not reduce their lives to episodic adventures of exchanging bodily fluids.

And there’s much more f**kery on the horizon that just might keep the sex obsessed on the sidelines, nursing bleeding orifices, neurological disorders, cancers and more f**kery from the latest electromagnetic goo dumped upon us by corporate shitards with their 5G f**kery: 

5G tech is coming and it’s ‘an absolute mess,’ Miami-Dade commissioner says

Comparing the 5G tech revolution to the California gold rush, Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins bemoaned the unsightly, sloppy and hazardous installation of telecommunications equipment on Miami streets.

“It’s a 5G fiasco,” Higgins said during Wednesday’s County Commission meeting. “Downtown is the epicenter of a land grab by the telecommunication companies. We have an absolute mess.” Companies such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are erecting new utility poles, boxes, and cables to accommodate the next generation of wireless technology — 5G — touted as super fast and super clear. They are in a race to expand their networks and “get to the future faster,” as Verizon says on its website As a result, concrete poles are going up every 300 feet, sometimes in awkward spaces. Black splice cases are left sitting on the ground or strapped to trees with plastic yellow caution tape. Stray wires poke out into walkways. Rats’ nests of cable dangle from overhead lines. Sidewalks are repaired hastily and unevenly with cold asphalt patching. It looks ugly. It looks dangerous.[10] – via

Now we’re filling the entire atmosphere with crap,[11] and we’re getting smoked by the 5G marketing wizards. – via



Leo Buscaglia quote: I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not...


Tonight’s musical offering:

Boz Scaggs – We’re All Alone (Unplugged Version)

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  1. I love that song and I like Boz Scaggs but, I prefer the Rita Coolidge version.

    Focus on sex. Focus on war. Focus on binge watching. Focus on sports. Focus on the media. Focus on Christmas. Focus on religion. Focus on fast food. Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.

    The 5G thing is going to get EVERYONE’s attention.

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  2. Now now Decker. Relax.

    It’s perfect, Trump, you know, the fat white guy that is butt fucking the nation and they seem to like it.
    Well, now the intellectual class is waking up to the regular political process!
    And what you have to do is learn to glow with 5G!
    Keep your pump primed!
    Cheers, Tube

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