Saturday Jazz

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” ― Louis Armstrong


Hat tip this Saturday morn, to an individual who has they’re own wonderful website, who is a regular reader of the tripe on this website, but who offers the following gem of a jazz masterpiece, that they added their heavenly musical gifts to, many years ago.

What a masterpiece!

Thank you, Sojourner!


“Willow Weep For Me” – The Ohio State University Jazz Ensemble (1979)

 Ann Ronell, composer. John Emche, arranger. Tom Battenberg, director. Featuring Terry Douds (bass) and Randy Mather (tenor). Saxes: Jim Gallager (lead), Claude Thomas, Jody Krause, Randy Mather, Dave Williams. Trumpets: Jim Garee (lead), Dean Congin, Kim Pensyl, Jeff Fulgum, Steve Sonntag. Trombones: Steve Grugin (lead), John Fedchock, Dale Hindebrand, Dave Pfieffer, Pat Lewis Rhythm: John Emche (piano), Terry Douds (bass), Jim Rupp (drums), Giles Ponticello (guitar), Kevin Cochran (percussion).

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