Oh, BeJesus!

Oh bejesus!

One can’t rest, even on the weekends, unless one tosses their hand-held radiation device into the garbage disposal, takes a hammer to their big screen programming boxes and tunes their radio so that only commercial-free jazz and classical music stations are broadcast.

It’s all lollipops and candy canes falling from the skies in the form of the theatre of insanity, provided by the insane.

Take your pick of whatever chicanery you might believe that keeps your milkduds firmly buried in the created insanity of the era:  Impeachment, Brexit, Climate “anything”, Democrat debates, right vs. left, Trump shittery, Republican idiots, Hollywood morons and all other forms of up-to-date f**kery.

But there, before your very eyes is the real shyte. The stuff supplied to us by the psychopath’s, while most are boned in one fashion or another over the latest of the insane that keeps us from understanding the real jive:

CBS: 95% of Baby Foods Tested Contain Toxic Metals that could Lower Babies’ IQ, Study Finds – via healthnutnews.com

Or this, while the masses crack on about the bullshit from the theatre:

CBS: New report finds heavy metals like arsenic and lead in 45 packaged fruit juices – via healthnutnews.com

And more f**kery:

97% of Tested Mac and Cheese Products Found to Contain Chemicals used in Plastics, Rubber Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Printing Inks – via wakingtimes.com

But when the insouciant are transfixed with the offerings these demons provide  – is there any reasonable hope that humankind will awake and see how they are being poisoned via the food these a-holes manufacture, the wars these a-holes create, the hysteria they promote – pitting one group of humankind against another, while these shysters profit off the divide they promote.

The gods (if they’re still hanging about) weep from humankind’s apathy. The shysters gloat.

Health activist says FDA agent admitted to promoting aspartame to “depopulate the planet”. – via aspartamenews.com

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to deny that the artificial sweetener known as aspartame is in any way harmful to humans. But according to Dr. Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible World Health International, an FDA agent openly admitted to her that aspartame is basically being used to “depopulate” the planet.

Back in 2000, Dr. Martini created a citizens’ petition calling on the FDA to ban aspartame from food, citing an “imminent health hazard.” Though the law requires that the FDA respond to such petitions within 180 days, Dr. Martini didn’t hear back from the agency for nine years, when she received a late-night call to her personal home phone.

As reported by NaturalHealth365.com, Dr. Martini asked the FDA agent on the other end of the phone why it took so long for his agency to respond to her petition, “even though people are sick and dying” all over the world as a result of aspartame, she stated. His response was one of nonchalant disregard.

“So what?” the FDA agent reportedly stated. “We need to depopulate,” he added.

As we allow ourselves to get caught in the latest Twitter dump, steeped in the latest f**kery of… ‘us who are right versus those who are wrong’; suffocated in the latest bullshit that keeps us all in the hyper state of blaming each other for the problems that these psychopath’s create – we lay our heads upon our pillows each night, stupidly satisfied that continuing to participate in the insanity these demons manufacture each day will lead us to nirvana.

How the psychopath’s howl with delight – with more suckers believing in another of their layered phantom of bullshit, cast down from one generation to another…tis maddening to subsribe to their f**kery!

Tonight’s musical offering:



  1. You say “The gods (if they’re still hanging about) weep from humankind’s apathy”. Maybe the gods are a sadistic bunch and get a chuckle out of our predicaments. “God(s) has an infinite sense of humor” , of which I’m reminded daily.” Or perhaps the gods have finally tired of our antics and have reached the final act, “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad “. TDS Trump Derangement Symptom seems to be leading a few over the cliff.

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