As the Stomach Churns

As the theatre of the insane romps on down the hill, nearing the cliff, where a bottomless pit of every variety of shyte awaits, the political degenerates here in the States, you know the kind – those who snooze, belch and fart their way through the day, and when not snoozing, belching or farting about, they sow discord and churn out their entrails.

It’s a demanding job these House of Representatives have in the U.S.  They have to keep the sails billowing with every proper piece of f**kery cast up into the air by those who own their asses, and it ain’t any of the taxpayer’s who send along their hard earned money so these shyster’s can snooze, belch and fart about, earning $174,000 a year to do so.

Most of them are properly boned over the next installment of, let’s impeach the guy with orange hair. This is the theatre these charlatans want the country in an uproar about.

Can they do it, will they do, will there be a Senate trial if they do, do it?  Who gives a bloody hell, except those still holding onto the mis-guided belief that any politician can shed their lizard suit long enough to give a shyte about anything of real concern.

The guy with the orange hair is simply carrying on with the f**kery from past administrations – that being, to f**k up the life of innocents as much as possible.

And the House of Representatives carries on with all the f**kery;

Consider that: babies born in U.S. are 76% more likely to die before their 1st birthday than infants in other wealth nations. Geez, those numerous pokes of chemical f**kery in the arms of these innocents might explain why.

Consider that: U.S. forces have massacred 70 Afghan civilians in 1 week  Can’t be bothered that innocents, thousand of miles away, are now dead.

Consider that: Pentagon deploys US forces to defend Saudi oil –  that’s right, every suffering soul here in the U.S. has been taken cared of – we have no unmet needs here – so we can waste more innocents to defend assets of a country that has pummeled their neighbor into rubble.

Consider the latest technological f**kery:  Newsweek: Hacker takes over couple’s Smart home, plays vulgar music and raises temperature to 90 degrees

And the list of how innocents are being f**ked up the arse, mounts each day.

Demons are demons, no matter that they appear on the floor of some den of stench, finely furnished and displayed, where they throw about one lie after another – never concerned about any suffering that an innocent might suffer from as a result of the policies enacted by these turds.

There is insanity…and then there is turbo insanity – the latter being that we believe the former, and actually have the thought lighting through our minds that these f**ktards in government and corporate media…are anything other than the most vile, the most putrid, the most rancid of souls.


Cling close to those whom you love and who love you, and hold them close to your heart, no matter how near or far they may be – and stand for them – whether they are able to stand for themselves.


Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight”

Photo by

Genessa Panainte on Unsplash


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