Brain Turn-off

When you’re on a walk through the neighborhood, local park or even on a trail, completely in tune with nature, carrying your hand-held radiation device or having that wrist wrap radiation device telling you how many steps you’ve taken (mercy – such health f**kery) – your gaze might be a bit distracted from the path before you. But every so often, your intuition to avoid shyte sets in and tells you that shyte-f**kery in the form of a pile of dog shyte is in front of you.

Mostly recognizable, you step aside to avoid the dog shyte and continue on, happy that you won’t be scrapping and hosing the dog shyte off your $200 dollar walking/hiking/adventuring shoes.

Now, imagine you had super-human abilities that allowed you to see the physical shyte that shysters barf out of their mouths 24/7/365.  If you had those abilities – why, you’d be ducking, jiving, and dancing your way around their verbal shyte all day, happy once again that you avoided scrapping off mental shyte spewed by deranged lunatics.

But you already have that super-human ability.  It’s called critical thinking. Sadly, most have abandoned that ability, instead choosing to occupy their minds with the ever growing sack of mental shyte from psychopath’s, non-humans and idiot savants that people still listen to for fun, frolic and (dis)information.

How else to explain that people froth at the mouth over the latest electromagnetic goo marketed nicely that just might bring about a host health problems to you, in the not to distant future?

Or that the poke in the arm of chemical f**kery from pharmaceutical conglomerates will somehow ward off sickness, illness and disease, when the insert provided by these pharmaceutical shysters details side effects

How else to explain that the insouciant continue to listen to shysters and morons promoting hysteria over the climate, when they themselves continue to arrive at climate change events telling you how to think, flowingly exiting their SUV’s and planes. Do what I say, not what I do.

The psychopath’s in government promote wars, regime change, sanctions and other life-ending events upon innocents, yet that critical thinking ability of asking ‘why’ never enters into the minds of those who have turned off their brains.

Almost 64, the grand comedy ending comes closer each day.  In a kind of warped way…I am thankful.

What soul knows what lurks beyond this circus – but I would wager that it isn’t an existence of following f**kery, with willful ignorance swallowed each and every day.

“Shyte”, “f**kery”, and other unpleasant sounding adjectives are used regularly by this jag-off writer – because, and only because, there is no other way to write of how we, the innocents, are being f**ked each day by psychopath’s, demons and charlatans.

They profit…we suffer. And hardly a critical mind can be found to stand up and say – you are the dung of era – you are the liars, propagandists, and criminal non-humans, and we won’t adhere to your shittery.

No links tonight to that of which I write.  Research on your own – and if you’re too f**king tired to research….then, at least, tune into music that just might refresh your soul.

Or, if you care for a sobering bit of information…consider what your US government is up to with their latest shyte:

U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

The ending of innocents’ lives – 30 more innocents that none of us will think about…how the demons delight in it…and how the insouciant ignore these life-ending offerings from the psychopath’s – no matter what the form…wars, medical, electromagnetic, political f**kery, climate change BS – the f**kery shoved down our throats each day, is just that…absolute f**kery.

And we continue to listen to them.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sir Colin Davis – Edward Elgar – “Enigma Variations” – Variation IX – “Nimrod” Variation

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash



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