Flying Pigs

The theatre of the insane just keeps delivering such choice bat guano everyday, and it’s getting so deliciously mad that we’re now subjected to corporate media nitwits telling us that swarms of bugs, birds, dragonfly’s, bats, and only the heavens knows what else, are showing up on weather radar.

If it seems that bugs are buzzing around more often and in greater numbers lately — whether swarms of ladybugs over California or hoverflies streaming in and out of England by the billions — it may simply be that radar technology is getting more efficient. – via

OMG!  And Jesus wept.

Swarms of dragonflies are taking over several western Pennsylvania communities and have even showed up on weather radar.

Video from Washington Township, Westmoreland County, shows the swarms of dragonflies.

Entomologists say the swarms of dragonflies are quite common, and usually happen when they are migrating south to find warmer weather as winter approaches. – via

Where are swarms of people, you know, human beings, showing up on radar?  What about cows, chickens and other livestock?  If radar technology is getting more efficient, why aren’t all life forms showing up on radar?

I was out tonight at a botanic gardens type of place in the hell hole of city I live in and I saw ONE dragonfly. Evidently, the dragonfly’s got together on their cell phones, and swarmed up into the atmosphere, leaving this one, lone dragonfly, who didn’t get the text that it should be swarming out with all the thousands of other dragonfly’s for its  weather radar capture.

Folks…come on, now.  How much more f**kery will we swallow from these shysters.

If you might be a bit skeptical thinking that governments can’t or wouldn’t manipulate the weather – throw on that tin foil hat and watch documentation from dedicated researchers showing the weather f**kery going on. Two great channels are here, and here. And guess what, they aren’t funded by any corporate or government entity other than themselves.

Or skip the research, don’t pull your head out of your arse, listen to the corporate and government psychopath’s and follow their shittery:

At a summit in Sweden about the future of food, a professor gave two presentations about how eating human flesh could combat the negative effects of climate change.

He claims resistance to cannibalism is “conservative” or even “selfish.”

And of course, the human meat industry will have to start slow, first getting people used to the idea of eating pets and insects. But eventually humans can be “tricked into making the right decisions,” the professor suggested. – via

Or, if you’re really in the groove, paying attention to what the psychopath’s actually do, but not say…just follow the former messiah and president of the good ole U.S.A. and spit in the wind regarding all this climate change hysteria, and purchase an ocean-front property off of Martha’s Vineyard, obviously not in the least concerned about at the rising ocean waters they advise the rest of the world should be clutching their pearls about regarding climate change, global warming and all other of their finest shimmery:

Barack and Michelle Obama are close to buying a massive Martha’s Vineyard estate.

TMZ reports that the former president and first lady are in escrow — aka in contract to purchase — a 29-acre beachfront plot with a 6,892-square-foot main house. The Obamas were initially just renting the seven-bedroom, 8½-bathroom spread for summer 2019, but apparently loved it so much that they made an offer.

It was most recently on the market asking $14.85 million, but the Obamas are apparently paying less. – via

Steeped in hypocrisy is a neat way to live, eh?

We’re beyond the point where listening to dickheads of corporate, government or mainstream media is anything more than listening to lies…and more f**king lies. But most folks just keep listening.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash


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  1. You´ve got it right, Decker! Look what the scum called elite do, not what they say!
    But the pendulum will swing back right at those arrogant psychopaths just as the day with it´s light comes after the darkness of the night.

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