Whether Here…Or Over There

“Whether Here…Or Over There”

A Short Story


“How do I get from here to there?” she asked.

No voices, only thoughts exchanged – as she knew it would be – waiting for an answer.

Amanda wasn’t in a physical space. She wasn’t in any type of physical realm. She was in a musical swirl of melodies that upon hearing told her where she might be, yet not knowing for sure.

“Confidence comes with courage,” the thought came.

“I’ve always been too timid, too afraid, filled with dread,” she thought.

“And so you have,” the thought answered. “But never too late…yes, or yes?”

“I don’t know,” Amanda began.  “I’m a bit older now.  My ways are ingrained in me, quite like the tiny wrinkles around my eyes, like the slender leg that is even a bit more slender, the hands and long fingers that use to play the violin that are now aged and not as agile as they once were. Like my eyes that could see angels in the night time sky but now, can no longer see objects across the room without glasses. Aging is cruel,” she thought.

“The possibilities are endless,” the thought began.  “You see yourself there, on the other side and haven’t a clue how to get there…but yet, you know…yes, or yes?”

Melodies of strength overwhelmed her.  Melodies she’d heard before, yet melodies never heard by any living person. Melodies that were of musical notes from the music she listened to, and also the musical notes of voices of those in her life, long since passed – not words, just their musical voice.

“They are on the other side, over there,” the thought came to her. “They found the way. And there is a way, yet it can only be attained by coming to truth, facing it squarely.”

“What is truth?” Amanda asked with a sigh.

“Must I really tell you?” the thought came.  “You know it well.”

“But I don’t know,” she thought with a despondent shrug.

“It’s everything deep in your soul, but too fearful to give a voice to. It can be of evil, or of good – of love or of hate. It is always there before you. Whether you acknowledge it matters not.  But whether you see beyond to the other side of truth, that shall get you from here to there.”

“There is no other side of truth,” she thought.  “I cannot fathom it.”

The thought coming to her was a melodious yet sympathetic sigh. “You knew of the other side when you were a young girl, you knew of it when you were a teenager, you knew of it in your twenties, thirties and now…you still know of it.  It is the love from those still here, and from those on the other side. Do you hear their melodious longings for you? They wait…take the first courageous step…they are there to help you. Release from madness can only be realized with that first step toward the truth…whether you stay here or go over there. Yes…or yes?”

As she always closed her eyes upon hearing Beethoven’s 3rd movement from his Ninth symphony, she gave way to the melody, and set her foot upon a path, gently, coming to terms with yes…and yes…to truth – whether here, or over there.


Royal Albert Hall,  West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim (conductor) – Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – 3rd movement

Photo by Peter Lewis on Unsplash




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