Soon, They’ll Probably Be Telling US That Dog Poop Just Might Be A Delicacy

“They” (whomever you want to fill in the blank with) – the cabal, the banksters, the global elite – I prefer to call them for what they show us they are…psychopath’s, or even non-humans, have done such a masterful job of shitf**kery on the population, that they could tell us that dog poop is now considered a delicacy, and people would be emptying the animal adoption centers to ensure they had tasty turds within hands-reach day in and day out.

Either by outright lies continually, or omitting the truth, or whipping up fear over mostly inconsequential bullshit, they’ve made it possible for many an insouciant folk to follow them down a road where you’re considered insane if you don’t buy into their particular stench of insanity.

You, or someone you know right now, is exhausted.  For some, it might be from an illness, from battling a disease, from the heat, from the cold, from dealing with a-holes at work, from working 2, 3 or more jobs to put food on a table and a roof over your head – from life in the modern era. It’s all a cumulative thing.

The definition of cumulative follows: increasing or growing by accumulation or successive additions.

Many are starting to feel and suffer from the cumulative f**kery from the psychopath’s toys that have turned everything upside down, to the point where we’ll believe that dog poop is a delicacy, and not question it.

Consider that most think it grandly acceptable to take a needle full of chemical goo, with all its’ side effects neatly displayed on a pharmaceutical insert they never read, to ward off an illness or disease that they may, or may not contract in the future…and they take it anyway, without question.

Consider that few question the wars the US continues to be involved in, the regime change activities upon sovereign nations, the on-going poisoning of the food we eat and the water we drink, the electromagnetic goo we allow these shysters to fill the skies and airwaves with – for their profit and for our convenience – the only convenience being that their electromagnetic goo allows them to continue to propagandize the insouciant, while the insouciant continue to inhale and consume the plate of toxicity presented to them.

As horrible and outlandish as it may sound, we are all being poisoned by these shysters – physically, mentally and spiritually. And yet…we don’t care. For we continue to use their products, continue to “google”, continue using their social media shittery, continue to use their email platforms that monitor and record our every thought, hope and pain, and continue to buy into whatever new form of discord, sickness and over-the-top chicanery  these demons spew forth into the collective of souls lost, and souls soon to be lost.

As I recently watched a new documentary on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the overlaying theme and groovy sentiment of it all was freedom.

We are so enslaved by the propaganda of the era, so apathetic to freedom, so ignorant to history, and now are allowing these shysters to redefine what history was; that we are all too willing to let psychopath’s and non-humans lead us to a state where the annihilation of races is quite acceptable, where continued wars are considered the status quo, where sickness, homelessness, continued surveillance, mandated injection of poisons for health and whatever daily insanity dished out by government and corporate A-list a-holes is as it should be – we tuck our heads deeper into our arse’s and go along to get along, to the next deeper circle of hell these monsters have planned for us all.

Dog poop just might just be a delicacy?  Why not…look at the outhouse of shyte we’ve accepted so far, and continue to accept.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Samba de Uma Nota Só – Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd


Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

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