The Separated

“The Separated”

A short story

“Soon, you will have to decide,” the voice said to her.

“Decide upon what”? she asked.

“We’ve been through this before…many times before. Each night, you call out to me, silently.  We converse in thoughts. You are being, you are light, energy and electricity, and you know of yourself no other way.”

“But what must I decide?”

“Look about you, as you do each day when you’re out and about, attempting to survive another day.  You see the rancid, the soured, the perverted…it hits you at nearly every turn of your head.

All that was good, all that was wondrous, all that was beautiful and all that was heavenly has been perverted to the ugly. All that was truly lovely, is being erased from memory.  Soon, you won’t be given a decision between good and evil…for all will have been rendered unto evil. You will be allowed to make a decision toward evil…or evil.”

“I am just a woman, struggling, seeking to find the good, the true, the natural,” she said.

“And as such, you must come to understand that the good, the true and the natural has been vanquished.  And that is why you see me before you. I am here to provide the separation from evil you seek.

The natives know…and have known for centuries. Separated from their lands by violence.

Wars after wars from your leaders…whether they be for occupation of sovereign territories, or occupation of your mind, your heart and your soul by means of devilry in the form of chemicals, of the man-made concoctions that rob you of the opportunity to know of the heavens’ gifts to all living creatures – the pure and organic of these gifts are being eliminated.

And so, here I am before you – your guide toward the separation.”

“But it isn’t so bad, is it?” she asked the spirit. “There are some who are trying – some who seek truth, seek justice…surely, they will make the difference?”

“Dear innocent soul,” the voice began, “so many souls inspired toward truth have been ignored throughout the ages, have been downcast, have been marginalized – to the point where their message of love, hope and truth has been extinguished.

And so, as you call out to me tonight, I ask you why? Why are you calling out to me again? What more of the calamity must you see to understand the reason I am here.”

She took a deep breath…waiting. But rather than being jettisoned to another world, she found herself firmly implanted in the present…knowing her purpose was to call others toward the separation – the separation of good, of the eternal, of the heavenly – from the evil of present day.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“How Deep is Your Love” – The Bee Gee’s

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


  1. wow!! beautifully written and so very true….it is not just a story….it is what i feel,think and see every day! beautiful word magick decker! my words fail me…moving and powerful this story is…applause would not be loud enough! well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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