Fighting for Beauty

The evening sky and the air all about was an actual yellow color tonight.  The sun had disappeared behind “clouds” of white, gray, dark gray and yellow – so it wasn’t the Sun’s fault. I walked out into the back confines of the asylum and wondered just how much more f**kery must we endure.

It’s raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains – via the

Alas, the Guardian won’t do just a bit of due diligence on their part and research where this shyte is coming from.  And it ain’t just from trash.

The corporate and government demons screw with our health in the form of GMO’s in the food we eat, washing it down with tainted water they produce – they screw with our health in the form of electromagnetic goo; they screw with our minds with their constant propaganda, they screw with the Creator with their daily downloads of toxicity that the demons in Gehenna sow.

Anyone who hasn’t their heads buried 24/7 in their hand held radiation device knows we’re being f**ked each day.

Nearly every newly created offering of the day from these shyster corporate and government a-holes is as attractive as a toilet bowl full of piss. Doesn’t matter whether it’s music, movies, television offerings or the corporate and government jackals spouting about their insanity. Their offerings are a putrid dish of lies and ugliness.

Yet we quietly accept their lies and move on to more of their humdrum of shyte.

Pharmaceutical offerings that list an arm’s length of side effects that you’re suppose to happily accept to “manage” your illness. The poke of a needle with more chemical f**kery that they tell you is good for you. And then, if you happen upon a guy who knows, telling you what it is all about, you click off and bury your head deeper into your arse.

The dangers of 5G are vast and overwhelming as our privacy, health, and liberties are all at risk as a result of 5th generation technology. As our government touts its economic benefits, doctors, scientists, and even meteorologists around the world are sounding the alarm about the implications of the technology.

But recently, a cell tower installer, or “tower climber” as he calls himself, began speaking out about the danger that 5G poses to our health.

“If you take radiofrequency close, it superheats the water molecules in your brain, eyes, and testicles … You could render yourself sterile or have a splitting headache for days, or, I’ve cooked the top of my skull and left me useless for the rest of the day.”

That’s only with 4G. However, because of 4G’s long wavelength the only real harm that can be done occurs at very short-range, just a few feet from the cell tower’s dispersion point.

Also, 5G transmitters will not be constructed high upon a mountain out of harm’s way like 4G towers are. They are going to be placed in offices, on street corners, inside your car, and in your home. The long-term effects of 4G are not yet known, but 5G is going to bring us to a whole new level of imminent danger to our health.

“Not to mention what it’s going to do to your brain and your eyes and your testicles or ovaries just from the superheating that radiofrequency will do at a close range. But because it is so powerful, so compact and tightly beamed, it is literally going to be able to break down the bonds that hold your cells together – and that’s how you get tumors.” – by Phillip SchneiderStaff Writer – Waking Times

The video from the “tower climber” follows:

It is easy to choose ignorance.  It is easy to stand down.  It is easy to say, “fuck it”, what can I do about it all.

But…there is a more noble way.

Join in on the awakening, and be someone more than one who bends over to these shysters.

The running theme here of late is of those who choose not to give in to the vile, to the ugliness, to the insanity of the era….but choose instead to seek the truth, and in so doing, create beauty and love, and just as importantly, stand against the lies and treachery from the bowels of Hell.

“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.” ― John Lennon


Tonight’s musical offering: (one of our favorites)

Arvo Pärt: “Spiegel im Spiegel” – Leonhard Roczek – Cello,  Herbert Schuch – Piano

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash (Iceland)

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