They’re All On The Same Team

(Editor’s note: The following is just an opinion piece. I’m getting too old to give a care about linking to every thought, opinion. fact. etc., I might present in these opinion pieces…research on your own – it’s there to be found if you care.)

Or better yet…skip reading my drivel and instead chose to listen to some good ole’ southern rock ‘n roll from way back when – when war and destruction wasn’t the end game of artists…it’s at the end of this post.)

For all the bellowing nutjobs on the radio, talking heads in the corporate media  – and all the mainstream right, left or alternative shysters…a question…where you raised to believe in the death and annihilation of others…is this what your parents taught you?

Whether right or left or somewhere in the drift of mediocrity…these modern day shysters offer up a goo of insanity, that in the end, will not only end their lives, but also end the lives of their viewership they advise on a daily basis that they care so much for.

Consider that these wayward shysters get boned, in one fashion or another, with death – not of themselves, but of others in sovereign nations that their “team” wages war upon.

Whether it be death from Trump and his band of psychopaths with their continued wars they wage…whether it be death from the left and their band of Russia-gate nutjobs who apparently can think of nothing more than getting it on with another nuclear power – they share a sick derangement of ending it all for humanity based upon their singular devotion to be right…no matter how fucked up they are and no matter how many innocents must die that might prove their fuckery.

At 63, I’ve listened to them all.  If I, a jag-off writer of a blog that few read can discern that these modern day con-artists are nothing more than farts in the wind, why is it such a stretch for the populace-at-large to understand they are being conned by these shysters.

On the right, we have the Trump team of idiots and supporters who blindly suck the ass of anything that comes out from this deranged psychopath.  Wars, regime change, the status quo that Washington a-holes dictate, which wages war on the middle class, the poor, the homeless – these assholes bloviate on each day with an assortment of sloganeering BS day after day, keeping their followers jived with all that really doesn’t matter, while their man and his team continue with their assaults on innocents.

On the left, we have another branch of the insanity of the era – getting wet or boned that their team has the answers, which offers nothing more than getting it on with nuclear superpowers, and again, obliterating life as we know it if their dreams are realized.

No matter the message…whether it be from the deranged right or the deranged left…it’s all the same – sacrificing lives for the profits of the these supreme assholes.

Please…please stop believing in their fuckery.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Allman Brothers – “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

“At Fillmore East” is a double live album by The Allman Brothers Band. The band’s breakthrough success, “At Fillmore East” was released in July 1971. It ranks Number 49 among Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

(headphones on for full sensory enjoyment)


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