They Don’t Have to Do What They Say You Must Do

As the serpents in Washington and their vile stenographers in corporate media slither out from rocks, from sewer systems, from the bowels of Gehenna, frothing on in front of camera’s, telling us what we can and can’t do; what we should do, what we must do…and the favorite pastime of these snakes, creating laws to force us to jump into whatever latest bag of their shyte they throw at us –  one wonders if these pyschopaths do what they force us to do.

A rhetorical question….we know they don’t.

Consider who is sent to kill innocents in wars these shysters start. We won’t see these psychopaths, and rarely will any of their kin be sent or volunteer to serve up murder of innocents.

Deaths from Washington’s wars since 2001 total over a million. Costs of these wars – $5.6 TRILLION.

Psychopath’s don’t blink an eye at such staggering waste of life, and resources that could wipe out so much of the suffering in the world today. They have their profits and power to hold onto and increase, and that’s all they care about.

As all president’s before him, the guy with orange has continued the rage against life these psychopaths have running through their blood. But the guy with orange is, possibly, a keener degenerate than his predecessors. Aside from the bombs he continues to unleash upon the thousand of innocents abroad…

Check out the following:

The President’s FY 2020 Budget – It Literally Leaves Seniors in the Cold – via

On March 11, 2019, President Trump submitted his Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 budget recommendations to Congress.  This budget would drastically cut programs that benefit America’s oldest — including many vulnerable — citizens.  The president’s spending plan calls for deep reductions to Social Security Disability Insurance, breaking his promise not to touch Social Security.  It also includes cuts in Medicare, another program he promised not to touch.

Who cares…and more importantly, who knows of the many broken promises from this nutjob.

His kin don’t have to worry about social security.  Doubtful his kin have submitted to the needle of the vat of poisons he tells others they have to take, no matter his flip about vaccines while on the campaign trail.

Whether he will occupy the position of groom of the stool for Beelzebub once his soul (if he has one) is jettisoned into the nether world, who can say for sure as there are so many of the living vying for the position.

Consider that Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, a particularly gruesome type of lizard, with an estimated worth of $153 billion, provides a human touch with the employees who work at his slave factories:

‘Supervised by Robots’: Amazon AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fires Warehouse Employees – via

More corporate chicanery follows:

Verizon Announces 20 More U.S. Cities to Get 5G Despite Telecom Admitting No Studies Say It’s Safe, Widespread Opposition, 5G Failure, and Future Lawsuits – via

Do these psychopaths care?  Profits and control is all that is in their parasitic minds:

verizon-lawsuit (1)

Despite the scientific studies that prove 5G is harmful – the psychopaths don’t give a shyte and are installing their toxic goo anyway.

Despite studies, and here, and here, and Big Pharma’s own admission via the inserts of their chemical concoctions of sludge that nobody seems to read, they’re pimping their absolute f**kery of a concoction borne in Hell, convincing the brain-dead with tactics they always use – scaring the bejesus out of the ignorant, which is most of the population, that if you don’t get boned over a needle inserted into your arm, with a vat of chemicals that will supposedly ward off death from whatever ailment du’ jour they’re pimping this week, then you are the permanently ‘unclean’, who need to be quarantined, ordered to stay off the streets lest you and your healthy children, infect the injected with…nothing.

Folks, this is all by design.  These shysters count on and profit from our willful ignorance.  And we continue to buy into their f**kery.

Doubtful that God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus, providing the earth and its inhabitants with powerful and healing herbs, vitamins, minerals and more…had in mind that the only way to save ourselves from the psychopaths toxicity, is to buy more of their toxicity.

We are all being sickened and diseased.  And we let the absolute shittery from government psychopath’s and corporate media snakes seep into our brains, rarely looking up from our hand-held radiation devices long enough to catch an inkling of the insanity they heap upon us.

As pathetically lost souls cheer at every slogan the lunatic with orange hair utters, thinking this shyster gives a flying f**k about them; as those who hate the orange muffin, cheering when hearing from muppets of the corporate media that this absolute nutjob colluded with Russians, drunk on vodka, to secure his election; as one jelly generation after another continues to buy into the depravity these cretins offer – the time fast approaches where those of us who haven’t been offed from the absolute insanity of the mind these f**ktrards offer – how much more of their f**kery will we continue to swallow?

Think for just a moment and ponder the following – who profits from the snake oil they peddle? Hint: It’s not you.

Folks, these are out and out demons.  They are not human.

Whether its some new strange brew of shyte they concoct, telling us that we have 12 years left if we don’t buy into their concoction of climate bullshittery, not caring enough to research just a bit to understand where this f**kery is coming from; whether we care enough to take a peek outside a life they want us to experience where we don’t question their insanity and simply succumb to their madness of what constitutes health, and whether we continue to supply a mind wide open to their insanity – without question – how much longer will we have?

Will the pyschopath’s stop flying in their first class or private planes to stop “global warming”…doubtful. Will they and their families line up for a jab of chemicals as an example of what must be done to eradicate diseases…please! Will these absolute assholes be the first to risk their lives to kill innocents in sovereign nations…No!

They will continue to pontificate from their pulpits of what you should do, but what they will never do…and if you don’t believe them…you are the lunatic who needs to be quarantined or locked away, while they waltz…skating upon shallow waters, with the demons they honor waiting to take them to the depths of death they heap upon innocents.

Sadly…how few recognize f**kery and how they’re being f**ked?

And how few among us actually give a shit?

“It’s shocking to discover just how dangerously deceptive people can be, and how many can employ that deception” – Amy Goodman


Tonight’s musical offering:

Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, No 13, Dance of the Knights (Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra)

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