It’s Okay to Have a Clue, and if You Don’t, It’s Okay to Find the Clues


“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” ~ Voltaire


Smartphone Notifications Train Brains to Go “Completely Haywire,” While Radiation Disrupts Blood-brain Barrier, Causes Leaking, and Kills Brain Cells – via

By B.N. Frank

There have been COUNTLESS articles, books, research studios, TV segments, film documentaries, and misc. videos that have already included the same information about smartphones and other screens messing with our brains.

Business Insider published yet another one yesterday, “This is what your smartphone is doing to your brain — and it isn’t good.” It’s a long article full of horrifying information – one statement in particular:

Endocrinologist Robert Lustig tells Business Insider that notifications from our phones are training our brains to be in a near constant state of stress and fear by establishing a stress-fear memory pathway. And such a state means that the prefrontal cortex, the part of our brains that normally deals with some of our highest-order cognitive functioning, goes completely haywire, and basically shuts down.

“You end up doing stupid things,” Lustig says. “And those stupid things tend to get you in trouble.”

This must, in part, explain the exceptional stupidity rampant among not only the unwashed masses but deeply ingrained in dickheads in finely tailored clothing who bring us their technological goo, seeking to the trash the planet and all life in order to make a few billion before their, and our minds are utter mush.

But it’s not just the health of each of us, per se, that the dickheads in charge have little regard for, they haven’t a care, or knowledge of…love, as trite as it sounds. For what actual human beings would allow the following:

The FAA allowed Boeing to carry out its own flawed safety analysis of the 737 MAX:

A troublesome autopilot feature believed to be behind two crashes of Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 airplane met all FAA requirements, the manufacturer claims. However, Boeing’s own safety analysis was riddled with flaws, engineers say. – via

Troublesome, indeed. But not for the dickheads at the FAA.

The amount of daily insanity gushing from the psychopath’s running the show that most of an insouciant citizen of the world puts up with, with not of whim of protest, is astounding.

Of course, many an insouciant citizen haven’t a clue about such mundane droppings that spell a future (if they get that far) of suffering, sickness, pre-mature death and other f**kery from these degenerates.

Another splendidly inept government agency here in the richest country in the world has banned powerful life-saving intravenous Vitamin C.

Most haven’t a clue about intravenous Vitamin C, and its benefits; most haven’t a clue of Washington’s wars that have ended millions of innocents lives in sovereign nations that the corporate media never reports or laments about. Most haven’t a clue of safety warnings hidden inside cellphones that directly affect their health – and most haven’t a clue or a care about any truth that might lead them to step out of the matrix and understand they are being screwed backward and forward by the shittery of the finest a-holes of the era.

Apathy…lack of empathy or just willful ignorance – any of the three will eventually lead to you and your loved ones ruin.

Alone, without the goddamn cell phone cradled next to your brain, without the TV “programming” blaring insanity at you… in the quiet of your soul, you know that this shyte offered up each day from these pyschopath’s, whether they be in government or corporate media – is the horseshit that will take you and your loved ones down…permanently.

Consume, obey, repeat.  We’ve got it down.

Sadly, most could give enough of a shyte about themselves or their loved ones anymore to stand up to the psychopath’s.

And as their lives end, just as Romeo and Juliet’s did – as their souls were freed from their bodies, ascending from their earthly toil from this insanity heaped upon the masses by psychopath’s; and as the heavenly woodwinds from Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece “Romeo & Juliet” paint the mystical departure from this life, with their souls ascending to the heavens …maybe, just maybe, they’ll then understand.

If only we took a few moments to think (and act) while we were still on earth.


Tonight’s musical offering: (mystically magical)

Russian Maestro Valery Gergiev with the London Symphony Orchestra, performing Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet at BBC Proms (final moments)

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