5G and Other Goo

Like having enough common sense to understand that cold, lumpy gravy on week-old mashed potatoes won’t send your taste buds screaming for more, so too, the “thinking human” who might still have an ounce of common sense reels away from liars, cheats, scammers, scum, poo, the deranged and the mad – or, in other words, from almost all politicians and government “officials”, for they basically define liars, cheats, scammers, scum, poo, the deranged and the mad.

But the thinking human must be in short supply anymore, as tuning into any corporate media programming broadcast, whether it be of a political nature, frenzied sporting event or any other mind-numbing stupidity placed before us for either our education, our wonder or just entertainment – there seems to be an overabundance of the adoring citizen, hideously enamored with bullshit. And few have the nerve, or even the inclination to say “bullshit” when presented with it in all its stinking glory, right under their noses.

President  National Security Advisor, John Bolton, threatens Syria – US Withdrawal “On Hold”. Permanent US Military Base on Syria-Iraqi border – via globalresearch.ca

No matter how much the thinking individual would like to believe that the shyster Trump is some sort of savior, battling those who just won’t go along with what he tweets to the world that he’s going to do, thinking of doing, might want to do or will at some point in the future, like, take the troops out of Syria – one must always remember that cold, lumpy gravy on week-old mashed potatoes has a particular stench and is inedible, just as believing in the warmongers claims of even a hint of ending Washington’s wars is anything other than poo.

Trump must have been pre-occupied with keeping the partial government shut-down in place, just for shits and giggles, rather than paying attention to what Bolton and the other deranged psychotic’s in his administration are pumping out of their pie hole.

But whether they’re ending lives abroad, or here at home, the psychotic’s continue to do what psychotic’s do…make life a living hell for all.

Timelines of Sickness and Death Documented After Cell Towers Were Installed in U.S. Locations – via activistpost.com

More Young, Fit People Experiencing Strokes. Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Disrupt Blood-Brain Barrier – via activistpost.com

UN Staffer Warns That 5G is a ‘War on Humanity‘ – via wakingtimes.com

But these are just articles, right?  How about an actual doctor telling us of the glories of 5G?

Glad you asked.  The following is a 5 minute clip from an MD laying it all out before willfully ignorant government officials:

1G to 5G – It’s All Dangerous – Veteran MD Drops Bombshell at 5G Hearing

There are some thinking and caring souls left on this planet – those the corporate media and government a-holes would like you to never hear from – but with the on-going dangers to our health from the growing electronic goo we’re bombarded with day in and day out – those who still give a shyte about their health and the health of their loved ones, are waking up and speaking out about the technologies, not fully tested, all for profit, along with further encroachment upon the little privacy we have left.

But not to worry – that dog of justice, looking out for all Americans and determined to “make America great again”, continues to follow the line of shittery dished out by past presidents and democrat and republican lizards.

Trump Lays Out U.S. 5G Strategy – Order looks to east progress towards 5G network deployment in the U.S. – via techradar.com

And thank the gods in Gehenna that the FCC is looking out for us:

5G smartphones will broadcast and receive microwave signals that are 10 times stronger than the current 4G smartphones. Wi-Fi systems using 5G will use microwave signals that are 150 times stronger than a 4G phone. [8]

Don’t Worry – the FCC Says it’s Safe

Despite the lack of testing to prove that 5G is safe, telecom companies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are in agreement that no one should worry about health effects of 5G.

Their advice to the American public is based on assumptions that were made in 1998.

But, the research at that time was questionable because it only examined health concerns related to the heating effect of the microwave radiation. – via healthimpactnews.com

In other words, our elected “officials” could give a f**k about your life, the lives of your loved ones, or the lives of millions of other innocents in sovereign nations thousands of miles away.

And who says there isn’t a “hell”.  We’re living it and continuing to allow demons to administer it to us!


Tonight’s musical offering:

G. F. Handel ★ Sarabande

National Philarmonica Orchestra – diretta da Leonard Rosenman. Le immagini sono tratte dal film “Barry Lyndon” ( 1975 ) di Stanley Kubrick.

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@scorpkris


  1. I have some hope that the US will leave Syria. Trump has opened Pandora’s box. The Kurds are realizing that they are about to be thrown under the bus and are in talks the Syrian government in Damascus. Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan refused to meet President, er, National Security Advisor John Bolton today. Can’t say I blame him I can’t being on the same planet as the mustachio war monger.

    Perhaps we should move to Switzerland. Neuchâtel Canton in Switzerland has banned 5G.

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