Paths Beyond Idiocy

What kind of f**kery is this?

That four letter world that begins with an ‘f’ and ends with a ‘k’, seems to be the favorite word of, well, most Americans these days.

F-off, F-you, F-this, F-that, or my particular favorite when reading the ‘news’ each day…F-me, these are just a sampling of the ingenious ways Americans express themselves each and every day.

Rather than a respectful exchange of ideas or civilized debate about the issues, rather than engaging in conversation that is, at least, decent – the stupidity of the public at large is gloriously displayed with the use of one word to either start, expound upon, or end any conversation that one might have a differing view with a fellow ‘conversationalist’.

What is more fascinating than the use of F-bombs by the average Joe, Hollywood, media, government and other political mensa’s, is that the human race, as a whole, is still here to argue…about anything, let alone tell someone they don’t agree with to F-off.

Not much has been learned since the whole comedy started. We’re still at war, with almost everyone, still neglect the poor among us, still give hearty handshakes and slaps on the back to slithering shysters whom we think will one day does us right, still lose our wits by adoring the ever-present nutjob ahead of us on the totem pole or those pretending to be someone on the screen we never set down – life remains one continual adoration of idiocy.

So it really is no surprise that ‘f**k’ is the favorite word of the mob who won’t take a moment to seek the truth, who won’t even consider something beyond what they’ve been programmed to believe – whether left, right or in between. Discovery of anything outside our personal worldview can be a frightening thing.  Much easier to tell a friend or foe to F-off, dismissing anything that doesn’t revel in the learned idiocies many continue to hold onto.

So much the creator gave to us to be explored. So many good avenues to travel upon and discover, yet most choose the easiest yet most destructive paths of ignorance and fear to spend a lifetime traveling down.

Maybe easier in this day and age to tell the world and nearly everyone in it to F-off.  Easier indeed, but truth, knowledge, wisdom, patience, compassion, kindness and love are left along side the road of ignorance and fear.

“The one permanent emotion of the inferior man, as of all the simpler mammals, is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants beyond everything else is security. His instincts incline him toward a society so organized that it will protect him at all hazards, and not only against perils to his hide but also against assaults upon his mind – against the need to grapple with unaccustomed problems, to weigh ideas, to think things out for himself, to scrutinize the platitudes upon which his everyday thinking is based.” – H.L. Mencken – “A Mencken Chrestomathy”


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gothenburg Symphony  ~ Gustavo Dudamel ~ Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony ~ “Pathetique” (3rd movement). Filmed in Gothenburg, Oslo and Reykjavik in September 2011.

(For maximum sensory enjoyment – headphones on, full screen and full volume listening to this gem)

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