Sometimes It’s Good To Pretend…Well, Maybe Just on Holidays

As you’ve guzzled down a few beers, eaten more than a bucket full of wings, maybe downed a steak, couple of burgers, a few of the ever questionable hot dogs, and then dessert on this Americana holiday, you are probably wondering, why in the world is it so hot this summer and what the hell am I doing out in it, stuffing my pie hole and pretending to be having a good time?

It’s because ‘pretending’ is what many Americans excel at, that’s why.

Global warming, geo-engineering of the weather, signs of the Second Coming, or just the gods’ latest practical joke on humans to see things that can never, ever be ‘unseen’ again – take your pick – one explanation is about as good as any of the others to explain the heat from Hades that much of the Northern Hemisphere is currently sweltering under.

Personally, I too am good at pretending.  I pretend to agree with 100% of everything my 85 year Mum says.

The end of the world is right around the corner…possibly.  Trump is the ‘second coming’, here to save America – um, no, but I’m pretending, right? And 9 billion of the world’s population of, hmm, I think it’s right around 9 billion, want to come here and live because the rest of the entire world outside the US is a cesspool of shyte and if we open our borders, what in the hell will we do with all of them – geez, Mum…you really don’t think that, do you? But still, I quietly nod my head, not offering a disagreeing word.  She is my Mum, she’s 85, I’m not going to change her mind on…anything, and, I hope, that some type of karma will kick in and if I make it to 85, and if any of my children are still calling, they too might throw a empathetic nod in my direction when I blurt out that the earth is a flat, paper mache cut-out, designed by an interstellar elementary class of aliens for their amusement.

And so, as I pretend to agree with everything Mum says, pretend that all the skin on display that shouldn’t be displayed is something I can unsee…my pea-sized brain wonders…is this…this ‘pretending’, is this what has brought us to the state we’re in – pretending we’re okay with about everything – when we’re not?

Ah, it’s a holiday – who cares – after all, it’s really hot out there.


Tonight’s musical offering: (pure and delightful “Americana”)

Leroy Anderson ~ “Fiddle Faddle” ~ Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Fiddle-Faddle is a musical composition in 2/2 time composed by Leroy Anderson. It is considered to be a “light” classical music composition, sometimes referred to as “classical pops” music.

Fiddle-Faddle was published on January 1, 1947. Arthur Fiedler gave the composition its premiere on March 30, 1947 during a concert radio broadcast from the old Boston Opera House.[1] Leroy Anderson conducted Fiddle-Faddle in a monaural recording for Decca Records on June 29, 1951. Anderson made a stereo recording of Fiddle-Faddle for Decca Records on June 11, 1959.[2]

Anderson wrote the piece as one of a number of pieces conducted over time by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra. The finished piece instantly became a favorite of audiences and Arthur Fiedler alike. Fiedler programmed it so frequently in Pops concerts that the Pops audiences began referring to it as “Fiedler-Faddle”. Written in classic “song-and-trio” form, it is based on the childhood nursery song “Three Blind Mice“. It was recorded many times in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a variety of musical ensembles. As implied by the title the piece features the violins prominently with repeated semiquavers continued with pizzicato in what’s seen as the Trio section. via

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