Dancing Away the Hours Toward Oblivion

Just as the human mind can’t fully comprehend two conversations going on simultaneously and is deviously rewarded by tech developers with the opportunity to overcome what nature intended, being peppered with multiple texts, from three, four or fifty of your closest friends, relatives and other assorted jackasses you’ve never met, so too, nutjobs are allowed entry into government positions where their inglorious decisions affect the lives of millions of your fellow countryfolk. (We sometimes wonder what was up with the decision to give humans “free will.”)

Of course, laws abound that prevent nutjobs from making the decisions that cause others harm, but that never keeps these morons from trying, and succeeding in their quest to spread misery around for as many as possible, except, of course, themselves.

And as the likes of Nikki Haley refuse to admit poverty exists in their prosperous nation, Americans continue to be gifted in abundance with what seems to be space garbage assuming human form and leading those with compassionate hearts and living souls to regions of Hades that God never intended any of his creation to experience.

2018 Update: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty – via antimedia.com

The U.S. poverty rate in 2016 was between 12.7 and 14.0 percent. But the poverty threshold is based on an outmoded formula from the 1960s. According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the threshold should be THREE TIMES HIGHER today. And it could be even higher if the true nature of poverty is considered.

Ah, but the true nature of poverty is something space garbage would never consider. Space garbage masquerading as humans ignores poverty, ignores the needs of its less fortunate, starts wars and seeks regime change with sovereign nations, sticks its nose into the air when inequality is mentioned, ignores its veterans and their health needs, continues to treat the nations children and ill as nothing more than a body to experiment on, and on and on. It is beyond understanding as the vernacular and actions of this space garbage that has infested our lands originates and proliferates from Hell.


Poverty, not just here, but worldwide could be wiped out by Washington as easily as when those, vying for entry into the space garbage halls of shame, talk to their “smart speakers” and order a machine to do inconsequential shyte they can’t handle on their own, like “find me the nearest Starbucks”. Mercy!

$21 Trillion just might wipe out poverty around the world. But who has $21 Trillion?  Certainly not the U.S. Taxpayer’s, right?  Well, it might just be that we did and gave it these shysters, and they, by golly, can’t account for it.

Pentagon can’t quite find out where $21 Trillion ($1 Trillion is $21,000 Billion) in taxpayer money has gone. via globalresearch.ca

Shazam, it’s just disappeared. And to add to the shittiness of it all, the Pentagon has spent $6 Billion on “fixing” the audit problem…so far.

Multi-billionaires who won’t pay their employees a living wage; Big Pharma multi-billionaires who buy the L.A. Times and state they want to use the publication for eradicating “fake news”;  social media conglomerates telling Congress (like they care) that they shared user data with more companies; and jive-ass shysters who can’t account for $21 Trillion of taxpayers money, yet spend $6 Billion trying to find out where it went – even half-baked Americans more in love with their electronic mess of goo in their hands than with any living human being or the truth might catch a drift of how the present system stinketh mightily.

Surely, cries go out to gods for an intervention to allow sane folks to escape the ever-present horseshit of this day and age.

Maybe the gods are waiting on us to wake up from our state of “what’s the next thing that can entertain me and keep me from thinking” before offering an escape.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Amilcare Ponchielli ~ La Gioconda ~ The Dance of the Hours

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@soymeraki

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@breakyourboundaries4

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