Stepping Into Ourselves

You know how it is…you reach for your daily intake of genetically modified fake food, only to find the bag of corn chips has crumbled into fake food dust; you’re stone cold out of chemically laced cola; binge-watching whatever latest Netflix nonsense has become boring and hours spent on social media comparing what you have to what they have only makes you feel wretched. What in the hell can Americans do? Evidently…get depressed.

(Natural News) A new study suggests that middle-aged people between the ages of 30 and 49 that spend time on social media are more likely than millennials to report mental health problems.

The reason for this is because those over the age of 30 are more likely to dwell on the direction in which their life is going and whether or not they have achieved their personal goals. “In their desire to validate accomplishments, many middle-aged adults may look to high school peers (i.e. those who roughly had the same starting line) as a point of comparison,” wrote the study’s authors, led by Dr. Bruce Hardy of Temple University, in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

Accumulation of “stuff” that the world holds of value matters little. More cars, homes, vacations and wardrobes bring a momentary sense of validation that you’ve somehow arrived at a worthwhile destination point, yet once gained, provides only a bit of momentary satisfaction, like that of a good belch, to be followed with dismay that you’re still not happy with having another car, a bigger home, a more extravagant vacation or an endless wardrobe of shyte you’ll never wear. The merry-go-round of acquiring junk in order to compete with the acquisition of junk by friends, neighbors and other assorted odd balls obviously can lead to depression, for it is an exercise in all that we are not, individually.

photo-1520520047806-c1baaf56398fDoubtful that God, or the Creator, the committee of dolphins, or whoever started this grand comedy had the thought in mind that each one of us should be born with unique talents, beautiful gifts, wonderful ways to transform the circus this country has become into something worthwhile, both for others and ourselves, only for those talents and gifts to be ignored and buried, and ourselves being sucked into the gutter of comparing the junk we have with other people’s junk as our mainline of approval and happiness.

Be the same, think the same, accept only what you’re spoon fed each day from the mainstream media, from our government – never question anything outside the official narrative – THAT is depression.

Expression of our talents, of our gifts, whether it be in small ways or grand ways is what keeps us sane, keeps our brains functioning outside the claptrap of nonsense that is most of the modern era. And it keeps not only our hearts alive…but the hearts of others as well.

As Dr. Bruce Hardy of Temple University found in his study, social media usage can lead to mental health issues and general unhappiness, especially among middle-aged adults. Perhaps it is time to put down the smartphones, close the laptops, and get away from sites like Facebook and Twitter, even if it’s only for a few hours each day. –

It can be difficult to be different, to be bold, to speak your mind, to stand for truth, or even just look for it.  The modern era makes it easy to accept its silliness, its lies, its horribleness…look the other way and move on…and it makes it difficult to accept ourselves as well.

But when we’re the obedient little slaves to their daily rot, a bit more of the unique gifts and talents each of us have is trampled upon…to the point where we don’t even recognize the beauty of what each of us are, and the beauty of what each of us can bring to the world…no longer able to see the truth when it’s staring us in the face.

And as we ignore all that we are, individually – ignore the gut which tells us that things here are just not right and accept compliance to the ugliness we’re told to buy into each day – our country rots and the spirit and beauty of each of us dies a little more each day.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 ~ 3rd Movement ~ Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

(If not acquainted – it’s always good to remember Beethoven wrote this magnificence being stone-cold deaf – what a gift to us all – and also a reminder of what each of us are called upon (and capable) of creating – in our own way – with the dawn of each day)

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