Alternative Social Media Sites…and a Bit More

Many, many, many years ago when I was a young lad, using probably the one “gift” I’ve ever really had, that of being a really good observer, I use to marvel at the many things I’d see or hear of the human condition by simply shutting my mouth and listening and observing.

Embarrassing moments were blushingly observed, cringe-worthy episodes of the human drama played out before my eyes.  Fibs, lies, tales of stupidity, idiocy, meanness, a few fist fights, silliness, back-stabbing, jealousy and much more were there to see if one just shut up and observed.  And all this was before high school!

The bullies, liars, cheats, and human debris from childhood grow up, and typically become politicians, government “officials” and CEO’s.  It’s a marvelous system they’ve concocted to advance their own particular brand of stench.

Which brings us to the brand of stench of social media – of the “accepted & approved” social media, that is.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is killing an entire industry. Facebook is a business, that created billions of dollars of wealth in part by allowing businesses to capitalize on its ability to spread creative content. It makes no sense at all that Facebook has decided one type of business is no longer viable in its business structure – even if Facebook is a private company that can do whatever the hell it likes.

And make no mistake – this is just the beginning. Just recently, reports began circulating that Facebook will also stifle any content that promotes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well. – via

Yet sooner or later, they all fall.  Consumed with power, corrupt and intolerant of any “free speech” they don’t approve – they aren’t happy unless the rest of the world is miserably reveling in their effervescent droppings of the manure they produce each and every day. Typically, as with all psychopaths, they inevitably consume their own.

Lurking in Facebook’s stellar quarterly earnings report Thursday were some troubling numbers: The company added fewer daily active users than analysts expected, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that as a result of the company’s moves, the time people spent on the platform dropped by 50 million hours daily.

More worrying, in Facebook’s most lucrative market, the US and Canada, the number of people who log on to Facebook every day fell for the first time everdropping by 700, 000 to about 184 million. User growth, for users who log on daily and monthly, has been slowing for several years, but the company had not recorded an actual decline. via

And if one has any doubt of the amount of censorship being used by Facebook and Google, just check out any of the articles on the subject that can be found here.

Modern day bullies, liars, cheats, frauds and scum are there only because we continue to allow them.

There are up and coming social media platforms where speech isn’t censored. Where you can freely express your opinions and read the opinions of others without censorship.  Here are just a few: – alternative social media site – videos, blogs, articles – alternative social media site – videos, blogs, articles – (alternative to Twitter) (search engine) (search engine)

Or, we can allow the current social media giants to continue to be the incarnation of Big Brother  – the choice is ours.


Tonight’s musical offering: (2 wonderful offerings)

Two minutes of magic from Anna Fusek, playing Bach/Vivaldi

Bach’s BWV 975 is based on Vivaldi’s Concerto Op. 4, No. 6, RV 316 – Gigue ~ Presto


And in honor of Felix Mendelssohn’s birthday, today, February 3rd:


By his mid-teens he (Mendelssohn) had written 13 string symphonies and an opera, and at seventeen wrote two of the pieces for which he is famous today – the overture to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the equally charming Octet. From the age of twenty he travelled extensively for the next 16 years (he was particularly welcome in England where he was a favourite of the royal family) before settling in Leipzig to found the conservatorium there and conduct the famous Gewandhaus orchestra.


Felix Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op. 61 – II. Scherzo

Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra ~ Valery Gergiev, Conductor

Photo credit (front page):




  1. I’m so glad you posted this. As you probably know, I dislike Facebook very ardently! I deleted it almost three years ago and I’ve never regretted my decision. (If only I could quit other social media just as easily!) I don’t think a lot of people realize how insidious the company Facebook is. Or rather, they probably won’t realize it until it’s too late…


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