Ugh! Another Year…And Love is Still the Answer

Ugh!  Another year has arrived.

Living in the land of the slaves – slaves to technology, to media watching, to thumbs up and down, to thumbs banging away on a ridiculously tiny keyboard, to a deliciously corrupt government, along with being slaves to all the endless tripe each of us has to put with in our daily “day-to-day” that we’ve been assigned to by the gods, God, ourselves or just universal bad taste – it’s the annual America check-in on 2018 navel gazing that Americans seem to do every day anyway, regardless of day, week or year.

Will the guy with orange hair, his amazingly dim-witted potato of a US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, or any and all of Trumps’ military blowhards continue with their death wish of  “let’s get it on in a nuclear sort of way” with whatever country we want regime change in because they don’t back the petro dollar – will they bring about a full or only partial wasteland to the fruited plain – who knows for sure.

nathan-dumlao-456977Reflection, reflection and more reflection. Like the penitent Catholic getting ready for the confessional mea culpa, Americans are ever reflecting. Why?  Nothing much has changed with homo sapiens since the beginning – one obliteration after another of others.

Yes, love is the answer, as it has been for the thousands of years since some cell, amoeba, fish, or whatever decided (like it could) that it would be really cool to mutate into something it previously had no idea of and like magic, eventually become a human being…of course, over thousands (or millions or even billions) of years.  (Practice makes perfect – so we’re told if one wants to believe in such assaults to common sense).  Or if you’re into our first parents story, when Adam and Eve, superior created beings to ourselves, had no forethought whatsoever and decided to screw themselves and rest of all human lineage for all the days to come by trying to deal themselves with a bit of extra celestial knowledge – humans ever since have been trying to figure it all out.

We here at the Asylum, haven’t a clue about many things. The origins of all things – who in the hell knows for sure. Until proven differently, we hold to our banner –

“The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Yet, there is the one constant that has been with us since the beginning…

Love is the answer.  So easy – yet obviously difficult to put into practice.

So, whether the Democrats take control of the ways Washington continues to screw each citizen in the ass, just as their “honorable” partners in crime across the aisle, the Republicans, have been doing – who cares.  They’ll continue to screw us.  The mainstream media in the West will continue to lie…it is the ONLY thing they know how to do.  Big Pharma will continue in its corruption and people will suffer and die as a result of it; the needs of the poor and homeless will continue to be ignored by the wealthiest country on the “planet” and horribly despicable human beings will continue to be rewarded with fame, money, prestige and honors.  And sadly, apathetic Americans will allow all of the above to continue.

Yet…that one proven constant remains:

Love is the answer.  Indeed, just as it always has been. Sadly, so few seem to be able to grasp this most elementary of concepts.

samantha-scholl-157445-2Any of our thoughts here at the Asylum on the year ahead are worth less than your last text or tweet. We continue to hold to truths that have been proven over and over again to us:

  • Good vodka is one of life’s necessities.
  • Classical music is all that keeps one sane and provides glimpses into the eternal.
  • Like good vodka, the great authors, Tolstoy, Twain, Douglas Adams, John Kennedy Toole, Walker Percy, Flannery O’Connor and too many others to note here must be read over and over and over to appreciate their singular genius.
  • A home-cooked, organically prepared meal – one of the most blessedly wonderful daily creations we might have the pleasure of experiencing, ranks right up there with angels getting their wings. And the chefs who prepare them are indeed angels.
  • Family, tried and true friends and loved ones, no matter all their shortcomings, allow us to give love and in turn, receive and experience love.
  • And that dogs define unconditional love.

We each have our own “proven truths” – and I would venture to say that few of them are politically correct.  But I’ll bet that those few proven truths we hold dear and will not waver from are all that is good, beautiful and eternal.

Love is indeed, the answer.


Tonight’s musical offering:

GERSHWIN ~  “Lullaby for String Orchestra” ~ Detroit Symphony Orchestra – Leonard Slatkin, Conducting

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