Christmas Wishes – From Us – to YOU and YOURS!

There are many beautiful Christmas traditions and memories we all have – each embedded within one’s childhood, within one’s family – no matter how fragmented the family may be – they’re all still there.  They are there for us to sort through, relish, love, long to maybe relive – and mostly just be thankful for.

Each part of the country one was raised in brings its special memories. I can only write about this part of the Western United States I grew up in and still live in.  And, of course, I can only relate of my family experiences, of which, I won’t write about –  for this post isn’t about me.  It’s about family.  My family… and your family.





Our memories are cherished for our own personal reasons.  Sometimes painful, sometimes wonderful, sometimes lovely – all still, they remain our personal Christmas memories.  All there that summon up many a beautiful memory that only our own soul can understand.



My father, 87 years old, in an assisted living facility, suffering from Parkinson’s, dementia, and an inoperable brain tumor – we all celebrated “Christmas” with him this December 22nd.

IMG_2304Being completely UN-photogenic and extremely shy – I am always reluctant to include any picture of me.  But this Christmas, I guess because I’m getting old and just don’t care so much anymore, I include a photo of my family.  (I don’t include photos of my beautiful children, Nathan, Sarah, and twins, Megan and Brendan, because I don’t want to unduly embarrass them with association with their father’s “mental wanderings” on this website). 😉

I’m the dorky-looking one on the far left, with my father in the wheelchair – my beautiful sisters, and wonderful boyfriend to one of them, being very dedicated caretakers of my father.



Mom & Dad
Family – Dear Sisters, Wonderful Brother and Mom & Dad

And finally, most importantly, the most lovable of all –  She, and the wonderful canine who keep all that is right and true running through the Asylum…  My wife and Sir Henry.

Rulers of the Asylum! 😉

Each of you have your own wonderful memories of family on this beautiful Holy day.  Insert your photos you cherish, along with the joy, love, music and memories each of you hold closest to your heart…and may YOU and YOURS, have the most beautiful, memorable and blessed of Christmases!

My personal favorite Christmas musical offering follows – Christmas joy to all of you!

King’s College Cambridge (2010) – Once in Royal David’s City

Photo credits:  with permission from Sarah Derritt Photography


  1. Thanks Thomas!! Many memories in our heads and hearts to reminisce upon. Thanks for your heartfelt words and in this joyous Christmas Season, may our family and all families continue to bless our lives upon this earth. Merry Christmas!

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  2. Decker,

    Those are some great photos you selected for this piece! With Christmas behind us, I’m wishing you a new year filled with love and laughter.


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