Bickering Cameras

Technology has brought so many wonders to enrich the lives of the collective in the modern era.  A computer you hold in your hand that communicates with other computers that are held in another person’s hand so you can instantly become irritated with the communication between the two machines. Drones for weaponized use, spying uses or annoyance uses – because it’s cool to hold the controls like one does wasting hours playing video games, except this time you get to remote-control a flying machine over your neighbor’s backyard to find out their lives as just as boring as yours. And now small camera’s that can be worn to ward off the disgruntled airline passenger’s smartphone – you know, just in case you’re being dragged from your seat on a flight so that an airline employee can sit in the seat you paid for.  Ah yes!  It’s all grand. Since there are now cameras about every 5 feet of space, why not have people start wearing personal cameras. Hell – it’s so cool that cameras are now even in high school bathrooms. Happy pooping in the modern era! (Who is actually monitoring all this shyting?)

Airlines Consider Fighting Cameras With Cameras – via

Richie McBride is chief executive officer of Edesix Ltd., a company that produces small wearable cameras used by railway, health care and retail workers in Europe. Lately, he has turned his attention to a new and potentially sizable market: airlines.

Already, Mr. McBride has sold the devices to Aurigny, a small carrier in Guernsey serving Britain, the Channel Islands and France. Managers of employees who interact with customers can set off the lapel-mounted camera when they think an event is getting out of hand.

Which camera takes the other camera to court is another question.

“He said, she said” – how trite and passé – it might now be “well, my camera shows this.  Yeah, but, my camera shows this”.



But not to worry, advancing technologies may soon have us communicating without nary a word spoken – if deranged technocrat’s have their way.




Superhumans:  Chips Inserted in Brains Will Give us MIND-BLOWING abilities within years – via

Speaking at Lisbon’s Web Summit, Bryan Johnson, the founder of Kernel – a start-up researching the possibilities of microchips being inserted on the brain – says unlocking the true potential of the mind is the “single greatest thing” humanity can achieve.

People will be able to buy new memories and delete unwanted ones in the near future as experts believe they are close to biohacking the body’s most powerful tool, according to a leading technology entrepreneur.

Superhumans?  Yeah, “regular” humans who have led us to this gee-whiz technocratic nightmare have certainly brought us to nirvana, right?

He (Mr. Johnson) said: “The bigger question on this is: ‘Is working on this a luxury or a necessity?’

“I don’t understand what we are so scared of losing?

“I don’t know why it would not be the singular focus of the human race because everything we do stems from our brain.”

There are shysters aplenty nowadays, as there always has been. Their job has always been to make the world an uglier place, advancing it to a place of unrecognizable horseshit, all in the name of advancing the human condition, of course.

Just as the following degenerate has done:

Facebook’s Founding President Sean Parker Admits Social Network Manipulates Human Psychology – via

Another candidate for one of the circles of Hell!

The modern era is such a bummer!



To bring us back to a state of tranquility, we offer the following track from two people who could actually sing, read music, harmonize and provide beautiful tunes.  Yes, it’s a bit smaltzy and it’s a bit early… but what the hell!

The Christmas Waltz – Robert Goulet & Carol Lawrence

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