“Pro” wrestling – The New American Way of Conducting Itself

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! –  as some old school Catholics will say from time to time.

As reported by Yahoonews.com

Washington (AFP) – US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack on the news media Sunday by tweeting a video — bizarre even by his standards — showing him knocking down and beating a professional wrestling “villain” whose face had been replaced by a CNN logo.

Normally, juvenile video clips aren’t what floats our boat here at the Asylum but this one…well, maybe because it’s from the POTUS, our part-time leader and full-time social media addict, it warrants a passing glance.

WWE_Money_in_the_Bank_2011_setThe “Pro” wrestling venue is now the appropriate visual for what has become of this country.  Trump & company in one corner, mainstream media in another corner, with alternating referee’s each round – one from the alt-right and one from the alt-left. (Maybe Alex Jones as one referee and Megyn Kelly as the other). The House and Senate, along with rabid online viewers from both sides of the political circus can cheer on their chosen lunatic. What a show!

It’s not that it’s such a disgrace (maybe it’s just embarrasing) that the president acts with the sophistication of a teenage boy experiencing unrequited love for the first time – and it isn’t that the mainstream media, with all their lies, false narratives and nonsense doesn’t deserve the slings and arrows of a petulant teenager but Jesus, Mary and Joseph – what’s next?  Perhaps we can downgrade to babies in the playpen throwing their toys at each other.

If everything was “jake”, to use an expression from the 30’s – if the poor were adequately and compassionately taken care of; the homeless, housed; the sick cared for without required to pay a deductible of what the cost of a hernia operation would be  – if Washington wasn’t in the business of regime change, nation building, militarily inviting itself into sovereign nations, dropping bombs on innocents, creating havoc and reigning down destruction not only on citizens in those sovereign nations, but also on its own citizens via a bureaucracy of imbeciles who grease their own pockets with our money and subject its’ citizens to a daily barrage of horseshit – then it might be okay to indulge into a bit of fantasy hysterics.

That shining “city on a hill” that President Reagan used to describe what Americans in the 1980’s were still committed to has degraded into a guano filled hole of testy, peevish and malevolent personalities who each have their own version of nirvana they want to impose on everyone else.  Yet “everyone else” isn’t so keen on their vision and as usual, are left tasting dirt from these lunatics’ never ending insanity.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes in his recent article:

The policy of the US government is easy to sum up. It consists of driving the American population into the ground and fomenting war abroad. This is what serves the money interests that control the government.

Democracy does not exist in America. All the bombast you will hear on the 4th is designed to keep you locked in The Matrix.

The talk about “taking back your government” is nonsense. The government doesn’t belong to you. You can’t take it back.

Chris Hedges says that your only alternatives are to overthrow the criminal class in Washington or to accept your slavery.

Sadly, we must concur.

The social media hysterics, name calling and tongue protruding antics are all a show…all a game.  The game is on and we’re all being played. It’s as rigged as “professional” wrestling and we, the people, are set up to always take the fall.


Photo credit (front page): By World Wrestling Entertainment [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: By Andrew Hayward (Flickr: WWE Money in the Bank 2011) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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