Putin Beats Trump, Clinton and Le Pen and Every Other Homo Sapien in Any Election, Anywhere

Some things never go away…like the main stream media’s inability to get over the election of Trump back in November.

Wash Post poll hides: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%

We’re still suppose to care about this guano?

And in another buried poll, if the election were held some Tuesday in the next few weeks, months or years – Vladimir Putin would win any election in a landslide over any candidate, anywhere in the world.  This is based on the following brilliant statement from Howard Stoffer, a former State Department staffer, talking about the recent Russian jets being spotted in (hold your breath) international airspace.

“This kind of cat-and-mouse stuff has been going on for a while now,” Stoffer told CNN, adding that Putin “is trying to put the US on notice that the Russians are everywhere and are back to expanding the limits of expanding their military power.” Howard Stoffer, a former State Department staffer told CNN

russian honor-guard-67636_640And our own poll conducted here at the Asylum confirmed that Russians are indeed everywhere…in the weeds, in the restaurants, in the bathrooms, doing car repairs, mowing lawns, serving lattes, writing stupid jokes for Stephan Colbert and surprisingly, behind the resurgent vinyl record craze sweeping America!




And let’s not forget what really happened with the election…

Major KGB Announcement From Putin About Donald Trump, New US President! ~ Russia Insider


In other really, really important news, the Huffington Post reported that the POTUS will be having dinner with Supreme Court Justices.  What the hell is going on here?  Ah, but not to worry.  Getting its readers worked up in a lather with such a frothy headline is standard operating procedure with HuffPost, with the kicker of why one should even bother reading the entire piece buried at the end of the article:

“HuffPost’s Cristian Farias notes, however, that the dinner is scheduled to take place one day after the last day of this term’s oral arguments.”

Whether HuffPost readers read the full article is not known – although there have been inquiries to the White House from the Supreme’s whether chocolate cake and Tomahawk missiles will be on the dessert menu.  



As if more ties need to be established with Saudi Arabia, given the love-fest between the US and Saudi Arabia that has been going on since that place with the arches was only selling a few thousand beef patties each year. But maybe the Saudi Kings’ son can get in on the bromance between Rex Tillerson and the Saudi’s as Tillerson praised the Saudis for their “cooperation on achieving our shared economic and strategic goals”.  What those “strategic goals” are, well, it could be having more Yemenis run into Saudi and US bombs.

From RT.com:   Yemen crisis: ‘Made in the USA’

According to the UN, over 10,000 people have been killed and more than 40,000 injured in the campaign. Some three million people – over 11 percent of Yemen’s population – have been forced to flee their homes to safety.

The US and the UK have been heavily criticized for supporting Riyadh’s coalition.
The Red Cross warns that if a solution to the conflict is not found, Yemen may run out of food in the next four months.



Whether folks could take their mobile tracking device attached to their hands and discard it for a few minutes to do the unthinkable – talk to their neighbor, friend, family member or pet goldfish is probably too much to hope for – tumors or not!


…the insanity continues

Photo credit (front page): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jedimentat/

Photo credit:  unsplash.com/@adryan19

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