Do Life!

As one celebrates the Holy Day of Easter – struggling through an hour or more of church so one can get to Easter Brunch (just kidding) maybe it’s time to pause and give thanks that as you read this, the words makes sense to you.  Not to say the rambling thoughts presented here make sense, but that the words by themselves make sense.  In other words, you have an functioning brain.

And with that functioning brain maybe this would be a good day to start afresh.  Turn off the mobile tracking device and do life.  No checking for the latest tweet on the end of the world, WWIII, North Korea, how much the president sucks – no taking inventory on the survival goods on hand – ignore the media that wants you to be afraid, be very afraid and just live.

Dogs can be taken for a walk; a visit to a relative or old friend in a hospital or nursing home; a walk in the park; charity of any kind toward someone in need – all good.  Rather than using that mobile tracking device to click on an App that brings further isolation, confusion and more unsettling thoughts on life – choose instead to use that device to call and actually talk to a loved one, or do the unthinkable and turn it off completely and read a book.  One hour with a good book will calm the nerves and turn on your mind.

The media sells hysteria, fear, along with heavy doses of propaganda.Bullshit amplimeter  If the world ends tomorrow, so be it.  But having been around long enough to watch the media’s hysteria-du-jour sour into moldy bread the next day, chances are that whatever calamity is being sold will disappear as quickly as it came and we’ll all be here tomorrow.  The will to live is the highest of orders we have. Even if you’re a card-carrying member of the globalist elite, delighting in creating scenario after scenario to wreak havoc upon the innocent, you too have that will to live. If the elite blow things up enough, who in the hell will service their private jets, prepare and cook their meals, wash their German-made cars, serve the before-dinner appetizers at their gatherings of the lost and idiotic?

We here at the Asylum prefer a minimalist approach to any celebrations, whether they be religious or secular. Family, loved ones, canines, vodka, real food, reading and writing.  And on this Holy day for Christians, we like to remind ourselves of the following:

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou


Claudio Monteverdi “Missa in Illo Tempore” – Ensemble ODHECATON – Paolo da Col


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