The Fog of Shyte – The months of their scamdemic

On this holiday weekend here in the States, a lot of normal activity ceases.

No mail delivered, no trash pick-up, allowing piles of bat guano, masquerading as human beings are allowed  to continue their infestations upon the innocents.

Sadly, the ordinary, everyday cement head doesn’t take a break from their normal activities of wearing their masks of shame and oxygen depravation for a breath of truth.

And with this holiday weekend, where in this shit State this shitposting writer lives in, catching ash falling from the skies and landing in his hand is reality of the day – this from the fires in the mountains outside the city. But it’s all okay. Help is on the way, in the form of 90+ degree temperatures presently, followed by a 50+ degree drop in temperature, along with snow coming this Tuesday. Sure, cool and normal.

God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who, in the beginning, created this beauty, such bullshit weather fuckery wasn’t something they believed.

Alas, what we choose to believe:

It’s a big dilemma among the gods of shitfuckery – what more insanity can they get their followers to unleash.  The willful ignorants, cement heads and brain-dead are ever ready to follow whatever nonsense and outhouse guano offered up by government and corporate media dickheads.

The plandemic isn’t the cornoholio…it’s the fog of shit issued by these demons.

And how is their narrative controlled?

Glad you asked…let’s check into the reality the corporate media won’t disclose, as they are bought and paid for bullshit artists:

Press in His Pocket: Bill Gates Busy Media to Control the Messaging – via

by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Children’s Health Defense

Columbia Journalism Review expose reveals that, to control global journalism, Bill Gates has steered over $250 million to the BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublicaNational JournalThe Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, Medium, the Financial TimesThe Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington MonthlyLe Monde, Center for Investigative Reporting, Pulitzer Center, National Press Foundation, International Center for Journalists, and a host of other groups. To conceal his influence, Gates also funneled unknown sums via subgrants for contracts to other press outlets.

His press bribes have paid off. During the pandemic, bought and brain-dead news outlets have treated Bill Gates as a public health expert—despite his lack of medical training or regulatory experience.

Gates also funds an army of independent fact checkers including the Poynter Institute and Gannett —which use their fact-checking platforms to “silence detractors” and to “debunk” as “false conspiracy theories” and “misinformation,” charges that Gates has championed and invested in biometric chipsvaccine identification systemssatellite surveillance, and COVID vaccines.

Gates’s media gifts, says CJR author Tim Schwab, mean that “critical reporting about the Gates Foundation is rare.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation declined multiple interview requests from CJR and refused to disclose how much money it has funneled to journalists.

In 2007, the LA Times published one of the only critical investigations on the Gates Foundation, exposing Gates’s holdings in companies that hurt people his foundation claims to help, like industries linked to child labor. Lead reporter Charles Piller, says, “They were unwilling to answer questions and pretty much refused to respond in any sort of way…”

The investigation showed how Gates’s global health funding has steered the world’s aid agenda toward Gates’ personal goals (vaccines and GMO crops) and away from issues such as emergency preparedness to respond to disease outbreaks, like the Ebola crisis.

“They’ve dodged our questions and sought to undermine our coverage,” says freelance journalist Alex Park after investigating the Gates Foundation’s polio vaccine efforts.

Read the full article at Children’s Health Defense

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Ho hum, right?  Don’t bother the willful ignorants with facts, they prefer fear, fear and more fear from the corporate media, until they are so bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the insanity offered up by these demons, that they’ll be salivating for the vials of battery acid to be injected into whatever appendage their governments’ order.

“To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid – one must also be polite.”
― Voltaire


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” – Linda Ronstadt



  1. This….what is it? mind control? it goes WAY BEYOND THAT….ok…soul control? no…most people have no soul from the look in their eyes….all that you can see now behind the mask of fear….breaking people to remake them into something horrific? possibly! it certainly seems closer to the truth. it is something new…something so horrible that the mind can’t wrap around it. worse then the nazi’s…worse then a cult of satan….worse then anything from a nightmare! Hell on Earth! That is what they created and they did to the thunderous applause of the masked majority!

    This gentleman is the one who coined the phrase ”face diaper ” I think. he certainly has a good take on it. an excellent mind….he says he tells people who ask where his face diaper is? ”I didn’t join”….and when the person assaulting him says ”eh?” he says….”your cult”…I didn’t join your cult nor will I….and he walks off.

    his name is eric and has a blog that is brilliant he also writes about cars but his views on the diapered masses is exceptional. He writes about it every day. has even created a wall of shame for businesses that demand their customer join the cult. The religion that is Covid….(Certificate Of Vaccination ID-19) is the name of a form….the name of a CERTIFICATE that soon will be required to function in the new ”normal”..yet people worship it as if it is their new god.

    The old normal was not normal. it was insane..having to work 6 months out of the year to pay taxes is normal? having a mortgage or having to have debt to function? how about the tract homes people hand over 30 years of their lives to own? is that normal? The places of institution that people send their children to in order to be ”educated” or rather ”indoctrinated”…the obedience schools. ? is that normal too? that is what we HAD before COVID…the new normal requires the same things only worse….less movement. no liberty. no personal liberty. no more illusion of freedom…total enslavement!

    jabbed with toxic waste for all adults. a wet dream for those in power. those in the pharma industry that salivate at the profits they make off the fake pandemic. they keep the carrot dangling in front of people…take the jab and you can have your ”normal” back!! except it wasn’t normal was it….life under tight control of the neighborhoods with covenents. tight control through the churches. the media, the state, the county controls, so many layers of control it boggles the mind, the tax collectors, the brutes with badges….that world…that society was an open air prison camp. a feed lot where the human herd could free range. The ”free range” has been cut off now. restricted. The illusion of freedom removed!

    a world where the state owns everything and you own nothing. you pay yearly taxes on the clothes on your back. you pay a yearly rent for home ownership and never actually own your home. you can’t be a parent. that is reserved to the state. your a care taker and little else. you pay the fiddler while someone else does the dance. oh yes….”normal?” insane is it not….i don’t want the old normal or the new and improved Bill Gates model either….i would like to be free…truly free not restricted. not licensed, not regulated, not controlled, ordered, or monitored. FREE of all those people once and for all!

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    1. Brilliant, Highlander, as usual! thanks for your thoughts…and for the link to the gentlemans website. “I’m not a member…of your cult”. Perfect! cheers!


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