Laugh at the Dickheads

The shysters running the three-ring circus on this exquisitely beautiful but zombie-infested planet must be outcasts from some strange Satanic ritual gone awry – where future residents of Gehenna, instead of being immediately banished to Hell where they’d be serving in such quaint and dainty positions as groom of the stool of past hellions who roamed the planet, infesting ruin on innocent souls, instead were thrown out of from the outhouse of the universe and landed on Earth where we humans, are their own personal groom of the stool.

Ah yes! Satan has a devilishly wicked sense of humor.

But what can be done to battle the scum of the universe short of baking an apple tart to help you momentarily forget that you are surrounded by future shit-lickers?

Laugh at the dickheads.  Not just a private moment where you cast a glance towards the heavens and share a private laugh with yourself – no, laugh at them directly in their face.

Opportunities abound every minute of each day to laugh at the dickheads, to humiliate them, to ensure their beam of idiocy is center stage for all to see, and join in the laugh-fest.

Consider shyster wireless telecom executives, conceding to the Senate that no studies have been done showing safety of 5G:

If all, in this “hallowed” chamber, stood up in unison and laughed at these telecom dickheads, and continued to laugh at them every time they opened their pie-holes, with the bullshittery they heap upon us all, there might be peace on earth.

Well, not really, but it might at least throw a rod into their plans and schemes to bring misery and dread to innocent souls for the profits these shysters enjoy at the expense of our health and very lives.

But most Americans can’t laugh at dickheads.  They can’t see the bullshittery they are being fed. The choose instead the bury their heads in it, hoping to find a morsel of sanity in their stench.

Their stench is what it is and always has been – the nastiest, the most vile form of human excrement – with a scant scent of sweetest smelling herbs to mask the absolute f**kery they promote.

Pence Berates EU at Warsaw Over “Swift Alternative” – Demands Allies “Confront Iran” – via

War. More wars. More death and destruction of innocents’ lives. This is what the demons dream of each and every day – and yet, we bow our heads in somber tones and won’t stand up an laugh at the insanity they promote.

Just as the jesters of  modern f**kery drop into our personal lives from time to time, whispering their sweet offerings of trickery and deceit – beckoning us to skip down their road that will enslave you into their own brand of shittery – that of which we each don’t or won’t find the courage buried in each of us to take our index finger, point at them, and laugh at these shysters – we individually choose to follow these absolute f**ks into the deepest regions of Hell.

In the end – no…you don’t get some type of other-worldly, eternal pass because you just didn’t know; you weren’t aware of, or couldn’t imagine that the miscreant’s of life seduced you into believing in everything that is ugly and vile.

If you won’t stand up to them, if you won’t laugh at them, and in the end, won’t throw some type of modern day holy water at them in hopes that the shittery they promote will cease – don’t expect another life outside the groom of the stool.

If you won’t stand against these shysters, in whatever form they present themselves to each of us each day – will you or your loved ones or even your beloved pets –  do any of them stand a chance of withstanding the insanity of their offerings?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Original Vinyl Pressing – Burt Bacharach ‎– “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid – South American Getaway”

(Original Movie Soundtrack) – A&M Stereo Records – 1969

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