How We Love

Meals provided to a loved one or friend battling cancer; thoughts and hope conveyed via the written word to those suffering; reaching out to the sick and dying, offering the love and compassion we have in our hearts for what they are going through or facing, that which only your empathy can touch.

The sick and dying pet – our beloved animals that ask nothing of us but to accept the love they give us each day; glorious music that provides a brief respite from the pain and suffering of those in our lives suffering from unimagined horrors.

Our patient obedience to bite our tongue, steadfast in believing or just hoping that if we might just let the suffering soul, vent – they will feel better.

The letter (or email) received from our loved ones, our family, our dear friends in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, telling us nothing more than that they are thinking of us – this is pure love.

The spare change or even more, the spare dollars we relinquish to the suffering soul on the street corner – this also is pure love.

The touch of the hand, from the able to the disabled that imparts a sense of kindness, of empathy and love – this is what we all crave for.

The smile offered to the stranger in the store, on the street or at the workplace that conveys acceptance – acknowledging they are much more than what the workplace tells them they are – what we offer of ourselves, confirms that we are vastly worth more than what managerial a-holes box each of us into.

These, and hundreds of other ways are how we love.

Love isn’t wrapped in twitter texts of hatred and stupidity, nor displayed on Facebook posts of the perfect life.

Love is the unseen of the world, given quietly to those who need it most.

Honesty is frowned upon in this gloriously mixed up world. Truth has been lowered to a degenerate slab of f**kery provided by lost and sold-out souls.  We don’t want to really know of the absolute deplorable BS of the day – but then again, our cries for truth continue on…and so, we desperately look for truth.

This desire to know, to understand, is always paramount in our minds.

But the truth of it all is right is there in front of each of us, everyday. It waits, quietly, for an acknowledgement that all is not quite right in this world, patiently waiting that we turn away from the shittery of the wars offered up, away from the hideous propaganda from the corporate media, away from the latest technological goo offered up by ugliest of the era.

No new, or aged politician holds the key to it all; though they salivate, hoping that you believe in their bullshittery.

The love of the inane, of the insanity, of the apathetic from the everyday citizen is just a simple mixture of empathy crying out for true care, of true kindness and love, that the shysters who run the circus wish could be banished from the hearts of the “everyday”.

No matter the efforts of the a-holes of the day who seek to cast the truth into the outhouse of the unaccetable- truth will never be banished. And more to the point of it all….love will never be vanquished.

Give, and continue to give of your heart. For the love you give of yourselves, will never be extinguished. Ever! And what you hold in your heart, and what you impart to others, is truth – a love of truth, of honesty and forgiveness, that never can be forgotten, can never be eliminated, and will be forever glorified by whatever gods who started this charade. Or, at least, that is our hope – for really, what else is there to hope for?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – Movement 3 – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

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