That Hedonistic Smell is in the Air

With 7.7 billion humans (so we’re told) roaming about the planet, most in a bit of quandary about why they were put here in the first place, and a tiny percentage of that 7.7 billion dedicated with screwing up the planet and its inhabitants via various means that the clowns from Gehenna or wherever they might have originated from (our preference of their origins is from a trash portable toilet type of stench, located outside a outdoor concert venue of those listening to musical garbage, with the portable potty that hasn’t been attended to for a month or so in the middle of Summer) now that the season of taking a time-out from the insanity of the era is over – it’s time to usher in the after-holiday season of the heathens patting themselves on the back because they produce ugliness, depravity and insanity – and having a forum to produce such BS…export it to the masses.

The “awards” season is upon us in the richest country in the world, where the ugly, not content with producing ugliness that an insouciant public laps up like a thirsty dog – finds the only encore they can provide to their ugliness already produced, is to award themselves for their depravities and celebrate their madness…once again, for the insouciant public to drink deeply of – with more ugliness. How depressing to live among lizards.

As I approach the end of my time on this planet of lunacy, I’m fairly convinced that most humans would happily accept the shittiest of offerings that the nutjobs of the era throw at them, deeming it “gold”, rather than seek out a morsel of the truth of why the lunatics of the era we celebrate produce mass shit as “art”, “music” and “entertainment” – and even more…why we continue to believe in and accept their f**kery.

The “Golden Globes” kicks off the season where the boring claptrap of the insane can go “off-script”, providing the ignorant with more jive and f**kery to celebrate. This is what the apathetic and ignorant American lives for…right?

More innocents have died at the hands of US airstrikes in Syria – but you won’t hear of this from the Hollywood lunatics.

You’re more likely to hear of uplifting and outstanding things, such as that recently uttered brilliance by a newly elected House of Representative moron showing her genius by producing the following “coherent” thought:

“We’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf**ker”

Such brilliance, such originality – surely upcoming Hollywood awards ceremonies have tributes in production to this mind-blowing genius so that the robotic brethren, inhaling more mass stupidity from future awards shows, won’t feel short-changed.

End Washington’s illegal wars…nah.  Medicare for all…nah. Rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure – forget about it.

Assistance to our poor, or forgotten veterans, or homeless – get real.

If the word “motherf**ker” can be used by another incoming dimwit in the House of Representatives, casting a shadow on the guy with orange hair in the Oval office who can’t decide from one moment to the next whether to bring our troops home from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq.., or any of the other Middle Eastern countries Washington would like to decimate…this is the f-ing brilliance that most an apathetic American comes to expect from complete idiots we continue to elect into office, and continue to believe that their dreams of making America great again, no matter the “party” they represent, supersede the common sense we were all born with.

But forget this shyte…Americans have had a weekend of football play-offs to salivate over. Followed up with the complete imbecility of Hollywood awarding their own for the absolute BS they produce.

Don’t fret too much…the demise of each and every one of the few who just might be awake enough to understand that all the modern day offerings, whether they be from Trump, or from some deranged opposition to his nuttery – it is the guano one might smell from the portable pot of sh**tery, or of the toe-jam of stench these modern day heathens dump upon us, each and every day.

And sadly, this is what most of an insouciant American inhales deeply thereof… the free smells of absolute rot we accept, day in and day out, of a life “they” tell us that is the norm, but, in reality, is nothing more than the stench billowing from the outhouses these shysters originated from.


Tonight’s musical offering:

6 Moments musicaux, D. 780: No. 3 in F Minor · David Fray

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  1. When that moment that the fertilizer hits the fan, the stench will be spread to all. Finally democracy comes to America! The very rich may escape somewhat, but the loss of prestige and power will drive them crazy, hopefully not crazy to do a Major King Kong from Dr. Strangelove.

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