The Beauty of Each of Us

“Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

Whatever we might write of – whatever we might think and feel, there is always an uneasiness about us, in our hearts and minds, that we simply don’t know – and sometimes we never will.

There is ignorance, and then there is willful ignorance.

Ignorance of the evil in the world, and that human’s hearts can be turned (quite easily, it would appear) from the inquisitive soul they were born with, into seekers of the easy slime of untruth, lies, propaganda and outright lunacy, certainly isn’t a unique question that only I have stumbled upon.

Universal ignorance is the rule of the day – if not, we as a civilization of how many thousands of years surely would have advanced beyond the evil presented to us each day.  We have not.

The Thanksgiving holiday here in States approaches.

Do I give thanks this Thanksgiving that my father has suffered from unrelenting Parkinson’s for the past 5 years – a once vibrant man who can no longer carry a thought from one moment to the next?

Do I embrace the insanity of the modern era of evil, with its offerings of polluted food, tainted water, pharmaceutical poisonings – of governments gone mad with their quietly enforced slavery to their evils of wars – sending others sons and daughters to kill and be killed? Do I believe in a God who would allow such insanity to continue – not just present day – but generation upon generation before me?

Do I give thanks for those on the street corners – dirty, ridiculed, forgotten and homeless? Do I not grieve for the children with cancer and other life-ending diseases? Do I think for a moment of the loveless, the misunderstood, the hopelessly addicted?  Do I scream to the heavens for answers to the unanswerable – at least in this life? And do I bemoan a younger generation lost in technology – who have never been given the means to know of anything outside the horeshit of apathy and navel gazing they’ve been spoon-fed by the insane of the era?

Giving thanks these days is pretty much giving thanks that we aren’t suffering from all the ills that can visit others. But as I am older, and now suffering from a disease of my own, and of millions of others – do I give thanks for the daily sufferings that are my everyday?

No…I give thanks that we are blessed by God, by the heavens, by whatever entity that started all this – that we were given life – a life to explore, to seek truth, to question -to stand for righting the wrongs imposed upon too many by runaway psychopath’s who have eternally lost their way – a life to give to others.

I am now old.  And with all the experiences of my life, all that is left for me is to contemplate the joys and wonder of what other suffering souls before me have brought not just to me…but to all humankind, and to pass along those joys to others in whatever way I can.

In the end, I think – all that is worthwhile is what joy, kindness, and love we might bring to this insane world. Some will laugh at our efforts, others will simply not understand and many will deride what we give as foolhardy, absurd and useless.

The gods will have the final say.

The ignorance in action that we see each day is from souls lost – weak souls – souls floundering, souls that have given way to the ugliness of evil.

But if you visit the children suffering from disease; if you visit the suffering soul in an assisted living facility; if you pass along whatever of your leftovers to the homeless individual on the street corner – if you come to visit the sick in the hospitals and stop for a few seconds and look in to their eyes – you see that the goodness and love you bring to them is what eternity is all about.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Deaf…suffering from many other physical ailments – alone, unmarried, a rascal – a nearly impossible human to deal with, because, in part, to the many sufferings he endured…and yet, the following is one of his many heavenly miracles for the ear to hear, for the soul to contemplate and the heart to cry with – beckoning each soul to reach beyond themselves, and simply, to give of the beauty of themselves to others.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – 3rd Movement – Barneboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

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  1. “In the end, I think – all that is worthwhile is what joy, kindness, and love we might bring to this insane world.”
    ~ I, too, have come to the same conclusion. I give thanks today and everyday for those moments. May your days be filled with such moments ❤

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