Eating Leaves

“In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limits that it discovers in itself – limits where minds meet, and in meeting, begin to exist.” ~ Albert Camus

With the weekend here and now almost gone, the madness of the work-week temporarily recedes, along with the produced hysteria from the media and government buffoon’s and assorted other dickhead’s, allowing the American psyche to take a collective deep breath from the inconsequential BS offered – if only for a couple of days.

But for those who need the constant chaos…for those who need the plug-in of discord and disharmony of the age, it is comforting that the weekday insanity is supplanted with a delightful brunch of weekend insanity, from sports obsessions or other entertainment addictions and diversions that never allow our hearts and minds an opportunity to be refreshed.

For if such an atrocity of free and thinking minds became the rule rather that the exception – humans might be able to see what is going on outside the controlled worlds they live in – might be able to catch a glimpse of the realities of innocents suffering, both at home and thousands of miles away – might catch a whiff of empathy that just could lead to freeing one’s heart and mind from the matrix of discord of the modern era.

Probably way too much to hope for, as keeping the truth far from us, and keeping us all at each other’s throats, is of utmost importance here to the charlatans of the present age,  in the richest country in the world.

Finding out that there are other humans suffering beyond any suffering we could imagine, won’t be allowed to be heard above the daily bag of shit handed to us by our caring government and their media and corporate cohorts of f***ery.

And though those who suffer may be thousands of miles from the insanity in the West, it’s easy for American’s to rest easier NOT knowing the horrors the West can inflict upon the most vulnerable of the vulnerable – pain experienced far greater than your team losing the game or the perpetual faucet of hate the media foments day in and day out.

Isolated and Unseen, Yemenis eat leaves to stave off famine – via

CAIRO (AP) — In a remote pocket of northern Yemen, many families with starving children have nothing to eat but the leaves of a local vine, boiled into a sour, acidic green paste. International aid agencies have been caught off guard by the extent of the suffering there as parents and children waste away.

The main health center in Aslam district was flooded with dozens of emaciated children during a recent visit by the Associated Press. Excruciatingly thin toddlers, eyes bulging, sat in a plastic washtub used in a make-shift scale as nurses weighed each one. Their papery skin was stretched tight over pencil-like limbs and knobby knees. Nurses measured their forearms, just a few centimeters in diameter, marking the worst stages of malnutrition.

Unsettling, to say the least.  Even more disturbing is that this on-going atrocity is brought to the world by the dickheads in Washington. Of course, how would you know, when you have no idea of the atrocity.  Apathy is easily produced by omitting the truth.

Over 5 Million children are facing starvation, a cholera outbreak is raging on in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and yet the US continues to support the Saudi’s to bomb and destroy Yemen says U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard:

Yemen doctors are in despair as babies starve in an ‘orphan province’ – do we hear of any of this here in the West from mainstream media outlets more concerned about the daily guano they offer up, than the “children” they always claim to be for – which of course only happens when they can make a buck off of them?

Of course not.

In the land of the insouciant, ruled by psychopath’s, there is little concern beyond the headlines and shenanigans of the day, supplied by the psychopath’s, including every bit of trash and nonsense oozing from their mind-numbing broadcasts of propaganda, lies, manipulation and hate. Keeping insouciant American’s wrapped in their apathy is as easy as ever, with radiation-emitting devices attached to whatever body part of the “unclean”, 24/7/365, throwing out nothing more than a smorgasbord of horseshit each day.

Few can see or even smell the stinking turd in the middle of the room of the madness of continued Washington interference in another country’s affairs, with its wars of death and destruction in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and North Africa. The stench continues from each president of the past 20 or more years but most are too willing to stay the course of Washington’s continued insanity to smell anything different. Just as the presidential buffoon’s before him, Trump continues to support the policies of death and destruction around the globe. He is nothing different than those before him – “meet the new boss…same as the old boss”.

One side of the political aisle can scream at the other side of the political aisle day in and day out about supreme court nominees; can vent hysterical rantings that their rat is better than your rat, that spending in excess of $700 Billion this fiscal year, given to the military industrial complex to fight the “terrorism” that has been fought unsuccessfully for the past 17 years is more important than the poverty and homelessness experienced by your fellow citizen’s. It is not.

And the televised bickering of dickhead’s is nothing more than theater as millions suffer while Washington continues with their circus.

Veterans and their needs are continually cast aside; a government who hasn’t much of a care of the medical needs of its own citizens spends billions on the deaths of innocents in countries far away from our shores.

Rather than stopping the poisoning of its citizens via GMO’s in their food and the pharmaceutical shyte offered to the sick and dying, the corporate fascists and their government partners continue to bake the public’s minds, and bodies with poison.

Washington reduces sovereign nations to the point where the children and adults living through Washington’s destruction are left to eating leaves to survive. How long before our apathy of Washington’s deeds results in Americans being left with nothing more than what the Yemenis are left to live on?

The answer to averting our own demise, is, of course, simple – as most answers given to us by the gods always are….unplug from the matrix as much as possible.

If we don’t even care enough for ourselves and those whom we love to fight the current insanity by simply refusing to be a part of it, of refusing the courage deep in each of us to stand up to these psychopath’s and say “no more” to their depravity – the bombings will continue, corporate fascism will continue, and the abyss prepared for us all by these shysters will soon be on our doorstep.

If we still can’t learn to live and let live…if we can’t afford our fellow brethren even the causal respect and love that we give to all other creatures, and if we won’t fight for our freedom from oppressive rule, from shysters laying claim to knowing what is best for us, from, in short, fighting the assholes of our generation who continue to perpetuate the hate from generation after generation before us – there doesn’t appear to be a happy ending to the lives of any of us.


Tonight’s musical offering:

J.S. Bach – “Air on the G-string” – Overture (Suite) No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068; II. Capella Istropolitana, Jaroslav Dvorak.

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  1. I’m afraid government doesn’t take the weekend off. The Interior Secretary, (is there an exterior Secretary?) proposes a naval blockade of Russia. Makes Bolton look like the sane one in the room. But Trump in his speech at UNGA say Saudi Arabia with other dictatorial absolute monarchies have pledged billions of dollars of aid to Yemen and Syria. I guess that aid is delivered by Paveway 5 bombs.

    Pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth, that I am meek and gentle with these butchers. Antony in Julius Caesar Shakespeare

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